SkyLink HDTV Antenna Review - Cut The Cord Easy

Are you ready to “cut the cord?”  This SkyLink HDTV Antenna Review will help you decide if switching to SkyLinkTV is the right move for you or continue overpaying for cable TV.  Right now nobody is happy with cable television with their limited TV programming and enormous fees each month.

skylink hdtv antenna review

Most people are looking for a solution that will get them out of the cable TV rat race and at the same time save hundreds of dollars each year.  The easy solution is to purchase a TV antenna such as the SkyLink HDTV Antenna and begin watching many of the same channels offered on cable TV and enjoy the immediate savings.

What is SkyLink TV Antenna?

SkyLink HDTV Antenna is a popular brand HDTV antenna that allows users to pick up local TV channels that are broadcast for free.  These are the same channels you’re paying exorbitant fees for via your cable TV provider which are similarly broadcast from any TV antenna.  

Back in the day when there was no cable TV all televisions had “rabbit ears” or antennas attached to the TV to help pick up TV signals from the local TV stations.  An HDTV antenna is no different from “rabbit ears” except it looks different and broadcasts channels in high definition if available. 

SkyLink HDTV antenna is a branded antenna that if used correctly can receive dozens of free channels for a one-time fee versus a continual monthly fee that your cable company charges.

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skylink tv antenna review

How To Install SkyLink

Like most other HDTV antennas SkyLink works the same way.  It is packaged with all of the necessary cables you’ll need to get your TV picking up channels.  Here are some basic steps to getting started as you continue reading this SkyLink HDTV Antenna review:
  • Find a spot to position your antenna - preferably on the wall near a window or behind a picture frame/shelf
  • Plug the provided coax connector from your antenna to the back of your TV’s coaxial receiver
  • Perform a channel scan from your TV menu
  • In a few seconds the scan will reveal all the TV channels you can enjoy watching.
Many of the SkyLink HDTV antenna channels that you will be able to pick up are live TV channels in HD including any live sports they are broadcasting.  You can expect to watch your local channels and some national channels which will broadcast many of your favorite shows. 

Do not expect to receive premium channels such as HBO, Starz, ESPN, and others.  Those are paid channels that require a cable TV subscription. They aren’t available for free through an antenna.   

skylink hdtv antenna review

HDTV Antenna Specs

So you are aware of the different features and specifications of your device here is a brief list of the product’s attributes:
  • Broadcast in 1080p HDTV
  • 30 mile signal range
  • 12 ounce weight
  • Super thin and light
  • 13”x12” dimensions
  • 10 foot cable (allows you to hide your antenna wires)
  • Range amplifier
  • Multidirectional reception - allows you to receive reception from all angles
  • Black color
The Range Amplifier extends the range of the SkyLink HDTV digital antenna from 30 to 60 miles.  You will be able to receive more channels because of this feature. The Multi-directional aspect is for the ability to reposition the antenna to locate the strongest signal to pick up channels.  You will need to “play with” the antenna to find the best signal inside your home.


The order website has a special deal for customers.  They can order 3 digital antennas for $99.99. If you have more than 1 TV in your home then you may want to consider purchasing more than 1 antenna.  Here is a price list from the order website of where to buy SkyLink HDTV antenna:
  • 1 - $39.95
  • 2 - $69.90
  • 3 - $99.99
  • 4 - $130.00
  • 5 - $149.75
The best part about a digital antenna is the cost.  You only pay one-time and for the life of your device continue receiving free TV.  It can broadcast as many channels that are available in your area up to 100 completely free and legal.  No subscriptions or contracts are included with this deal.

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After reading this SkyLink HDTV Antenna review you should not have any questions like, "Does SkyLink TV really work" but be ready to “cut the cord” and move on from your cable TV provider.