Trutorch m800 Tactical Flashlight Review

This Trutorch m800 Tactical Flashlight review goes into detail about the specs of this flashlight and how it performs.

One of the most sought after products all year this year has been the tactical flashlight.  Flashlights have been improved and upgraded to shine brighter along with having self-defense features.  A popular flashlight that is drawing attention online is the Trutorch m800 flashlight.  It is very similar to other popular brand tactical flashlights sold online so here are some details on the flashlight for you to decide for yourself.  
trutorch m800 flashlight

Trutorch m800 Flashlight

According to the website where the flashlight is sold it is called “The First Choice for First Responders.”  First Responders are referring to service people such as police officers, firefighters, military, etc.  The Trutorch flashlight was designed in the USA and emits a super bright light around 800 lumens that is within the allowable maximum legal milliwatts.

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For best results it should be used with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which comes with the purchase of the flashlight or you can use AAA batteries.  AAA batteries do not emit the same powerful bright light as the lithium ion batteries so you should expect this if you ever switch.  The flashlight will still work but it won’t be as bright.

When it comes to durability you can expect the m800 flashlight to last you a long time and withstand some falls.  It is built out of pure aluminum in a military aircraft grade style.  When holding the flashlight you’ll also notice it easily grips your hand due to the grip texture that is used.
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How to Operate the Flashlight?

The flashlight is small enough to operate with one hand.  The telescopic zoom can be performed by pushing out the head of the flashlight to zoom or to pull it back in to retract light.  To turn on the light there is a button to push in which is used for all 5 lighting modes.  Pushing the light all the way in turns the flashlight off. 
The flashlight comes inside a black plastic kit case.  Included in the kit case is the flashlight, belt (flashlight carrying case), rechargeable battery, home charger, car charger, and aaa battery adapter. 
Trutorch Specs/Features
Light Settings:  There are 5 available light settings for users which are Low, Medium, High, Strobe, and SOS.  There is one button that will switch between each light setting with a click.
Telescopic focus:  x250 zoom focus, x500 zoom focus, x1000 zoom focus, x2000 zoom focus
LED flashlight:  800 lumens, LED emitter, 100,000 hours lamp life
Durability:  aircraft grade aluminum, grip texture for easy handle

Trutorch Tactical Flashlight Uses

trutorch tactical flashlight

For people who don’t ordinarily carry a flashlight, keep one in their car, or have one at home having a tactical flashlight has a lot of advantages.  One advantage is if you’re ever stranded on the side of a road due to car problems a super bright flashlight allows you to troubleshoot your car in the dark to see what exactly is wrong.  It could be a tire issue or engine issue but you’ll need a bright light to see well and with the SOS feature other passing drivers will know you need assistance.

Inside your home a Trutorch tactical flashlight can be used as a deterrent in the event an intruder breaks into your home.  Shining a bright light in his direction may be all you need to scare the person and cause them to flee.  The light can also disorient an attacker if you’re alone by simply shining the light into his eyes.  The TrueTorch flashlight is small enough to be an Every Day Carry item.
Trutorch Price
The first observation when you visit the TruTorch website is they’re offering a 75% discount on purchases particularly when you enter the discount code “First Responder.”  Depending on how many flashlights you’re considering purchasing there are lots of options for new customers to choose based on quantity.  The more you purchase the cheaper each flashlight is per unit.  Here is a Quantity List:
5 TruTorch Flashlights, 75% Off Discount ($145 total)$29/each
 3 TruTorch Flashlights, 66% Off Discount ($117 total)$39/each
 1 TruTorch Flashlight ($56.00 per unit)$56
 2 TruTorch Flashlights ($48.50 per unit)$97
 4 TruTorch Flashlights ($42.25 per unit)$169
 10 TruTorch Flashlights ($35.00 per unit)$350
 15 TruTorch Flashlights ($35.00 per unit)$525
 20 TruTorch Flashlights ($35.00 per unit)$700
Customers can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) and can enjoy free shipping.  Any questions or issues you may have with your order can be directed to their facebook page or according to their website to their corporate address located at Tru Torch, 40 Tanners Drive, Milton Keynes MK14 5BW, United Kingdom.  Their phone number is 1-855-202-4300.

Trutorch Tactical Flashlight Alternatives

There are tactical flashlights released everyday on the market of varying brands.  A great way to find out the latest best and greatest flashlight is to visit the Newest Release category.  Currently one of the most popular new releases in tactical flashlights is the Rechargeable LED SearchLight that is selling well.

The SearchLight has over 100 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.4 out of 5 stars.  73% of customers gave it a 5 star rating.  It produces a super bright light up to 900 meters away.  Customers love it, visit the SearchLight Amazon page and purchase here.


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