SkyCamHD Wifi Drone Review - Selfie Drone

Are you tired of holding up your phone with a selfie stick to take a pic?  There is a new alternative way to take selfies that bring into play different angles that aren’t possible with the selfie stick.

In this SkyCamHD WiFi Drone review you will learn how this compact innovative drone will change the way you take pics and videos.

What is the SkyCam HD Drone?

skycamhd wifi drone review

The SkyCamHD Drone was designed by 2 German engineers that had a passion for drones.  One of the issues they had with the typical drone is the size of the drone. They are typically bulky, oversized, and not easy to travel with.  

The idea was to create a drone that was more portable and compact in size.  A drone that is small enough to fold up and put in your pocket. It also needed to have the same functionality as the heavier drones without compromising it in any way.

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Out of the need to create a smaller functioning drone the 2 German engineers created the SkyCamHD Wifi Drone.  It’s an ultra-compact drone that you can control with your smartphone via mobile application. This allows users to take the drone with them anywhere they desire and whenever they want to fly it they can use their smartphone to control it.

SkyCamHD Selfie Drone - The Selfie Feature

The best feature you will learn in this SkyCamHD Wifi Drone review is its ability to take HD quality pictures and videos.  It has a built-in 720p camera that is capable of taking high definition images and videos. 

By it being a super portable device it is great for taking selfies.  It takes taking selfies to another level as you don’t need a stick anymore but use this drone to take unbelievable pics/videos at different angles.

As you fly this drone you will discover newer cooler ways to take pics that just aren’t possible with a selfie stick.  You will be able to create videos from impressive angles that your friends will enjoy.

How Does It Work?

skycamhd selfie drone

It is a simple process to operate the SkyCamHD Wifi drone.  Anyone can do it and after a few minutes operating this device you’ll be able to get the hang of it.  To get started read the instructions below:
  • Included in the operating manual is a QR code that you’ll scan with your phone to download/install the mobile app.  It can also be installed via Google Play or the App Store (JY UFO software)
  • Plug in the battery to the drone
  • Connect the drone and set it up by unfolding the rotor blades
  • Start up the mobile application
  • You are now ready to operate the drone from your smartphone or mobile device
Drone Operating Specifications

When operating the SkyCamHD Wifi Drone there are some features that are built into the drone and application.  One of the most important functions of the application is there is a key to take off and land. So when you want the drone to lift off there is a specific key for that and when you want it to land there is a specific key for that.

As you begin the take off of the drone you will see how easy it is to fly.  The controls via the smartphone app are intuitive and flying feels natural. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of flying.

  • Altitude hold allows stable flight and steady landing
  • 3D flip allows 360 degree flips and rolls including agile movement and precise positioning
  • Gravity control
  • Trajectory flight
  • Wifi FPV for easy smartphone controls
  • 6 axis Gyro - self stabilization technology
  • Headless mode - breakthrough remote control technology
  • 15-20 minutes of battery life and comes with a usb charger
  • Same size as a large smartphone
  • Foldable rotors
  • Made of ABS plastic making it lighter and stronger
The SkyCamHD Wifi Selfie Drone is considered the world’s most portable drone that can fit inside your pocket or any bag.  It can be flown by anybody and ca live stream and record directly to your phone.

skycamhd drone review

How Much Does the SkyCamHD Wifi Drone Cost?

This camera can only be found online for purchasing.  It can be purchased from the official website for a 35% discount off the retail price.  The retail price is $199.97 and customers can get it for $96.99. There is also a deal to buy 2 and get 1 free for $179.99.  

There is a lot of competition for drones these days and it’s always a good idea to comparison shop. The SkyCamHD Wifi Drone is a newer drone on the market so you’ll want to compare with other brands.

As a recommendation compare the SkyCamHD Drone with one of the best selling selfie drones on Amazon, the ThiEYE Mini Drone.  It is cheaper than the SkyCamHD and has excellent reviews on Amazon. It has a 5 star rating from customers - read reviews here!

In this SkyCamHD Wifi Drone review you learned about how wonderful this mini drone is with its many features and uses.