Cramp Defense Reviews – Effective Remedy for Cramps

A lot of men and some women too constantly deal with muscle cramping especially leg cramps at night while lying in bed.  You know the feeling you’re simply lying in bed or maybe you make a sudden move with your leg and out of nowhere comes this sharp paralyzing pain in your thigh or hamstrings. 

The muscles in your leg contracts rendering you stiff and helpless having to deal with the pain for a few minutes.  The pain can be excruciating and we’ve heard eating salt or taking some type of magnesium product such as Cramp Defense reviews will help eliminate this problem. 

cramp defense reviews

Cramp Defense Review – How Does it Work?

Experts have said the reason for frequent cramping that some people experience is due to a deficiency in magnesium.  This is not new news for people but the problem seems to be finding the right magnesium supplement that will effectively replenish the body.  Many magnesium products that are on the shelves in store right now are a low quality product that don’t absorb correctly in the body which in turn doesn’t get rid of the cramping.

Cramp Defense offers the body a high dose of absorbing magnesium that assimilates well with the body.  The active ingredient is magnesium bound to malate which is an organic natural compound that is found in our fruits and vegetables. 

It is the only magnesium supplement that specifically targets individuals suffering with leg cramps.  When taken Cramp Defense begins to work immediately and because of it being an organic formulation it easily absorbs into the body. 

The Cramp Defense capsules are small so you don’t have to worry about taking large sized pills.  There are also no side effects to be concerned about including an upset stomach.  The only place to find this product is from their website or on

Daily Recommendations

It is recommended for optimum performance that this product is taken 6 capsules per day.  This will break down to 3 capsules twice per day or 2 capsules three times per day.  Always take with food as it absorbs better when taken with food.  Each individual capsule can be opened and the powder inside mixed with applesauce or yogurt.

Magnesium Benefits

Not only is magnesium great for relieving cramps but there are many other benefits you can expect by replenishing your body with this precious mineral.  You may experience an increase in energy, relief from anxiety or nervousness, sleep better at night, relieving constipation, etc.  This is just a list of the major highlights that people experience.

Customers can try Cramp Defense via Amazon and take advantage of a 20% discount off the retail price.  Each bottle has 180 capsules so if taken as recommended the bottle should last a month or longer.  95% of customers have rated it a 5 star product on Amazon so visit their product page to read reviews and purchase online.  Click for online reviews!!

If you’re fighting leg cramps at night consider reading the many Cramp Defense reviews on Amazon and learn what customers are experiencing with this product.