Nano Banshee Alarm Reviews - EDC Personal Alarm

This Nano Banshee Alarm reviews will help consumers understand how they can feel safer and protected by having one of these devices attached to them when they leave their home.

Nano Banshee Keychain Alarm

Everybody is concerned about staying safe when they leave their homes and any device that will deter criminals or intruders trying to do you personal harm is something worth considering.  We hear about personal assaults every day on the news and there needs to be a product that will specifically counter these assaults that will make us feel safer as we’re out and about.
A new device that is going viral on the internet designed for personal security is the Nano Banshee Keychain Alarm.  It is called “the world’s most powerful keychain alarm” because it emits a loud ear piercing alarm if you feel you’re been harassed by an intruder.
nano banshee alarm reviews

Nano Banshee Alarm Reviews - Personal Protection

The Banshee Screamer Alarm is small and compact that attaches easily to your handbag, pants loop, computer bag, etc.  It was originally designed for women to interrupt being attacked by an intruder.  As you feel threatened you simply pull the Banshee Keychain and it emits a loud noise that draws the attention of anyone around you and ultimately causes the intruder to flee.
The Banshee Siren is a military inspired device patterned after a military device called an LRAD that is used for crowd control.  The product can be heard over 500 feet away emitting a focused sound measured at 130 decibels that will get the attention of anyone near you.  It’s a simple call for help and hopefully there are some good Samaritans in your vicinity that will come to your rescue or at the least the sound will cause the intruder to flee from you.
To give you an idea of how loud the Nano Banshee Screamer is when activated it’s louder than a car horn, ambulance siren, and according to their website a jet engine.  That’s loud and should easily make an immediate difference in the event you need to use it.
Not only is the Banshee a great every day carry item to thwart attackers but it is effective at preventing animal attacks.  If you enjoy walking or hiking through the woods in the event a stray dog or other type of animal approaches you, this device when activated is sensitive to animals and will cause them to flee.  If you get lost in the woods, you can activate the Banshee and hopefully someone will hear the siren.

Nano Banshee Alarm Features

Keychain:  The Banshee is a compact device with a keychain that is used to activate the alarm by pulling it.  You can attach the alarm to anything including clothing items that will allow it to hang and loop around.
Decibels:  It sounds at 130 decibels utilizing an acoustic design that amplifies the sound.
Lights:  There is a powerful LED light on the device that attracts attention and can also be used as a mini flashlight if you need light getting into your car at night.
Power:  With the push of a button the device will turn On/Off
Who is it for:  The Nano Banshee Keychain can be given as a gift to anyone that finds themselves traveling alone at times.  It is helpful for senior citizens, kids, wives, daughters, college students, etc.

Nano Banshee Keychain Price

The cost of purchasing a Banshee Siren is $19.99/each from their online website.  Their website is located at  At the site you can buy as many as you’d like and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
This product isn’t the only keychain personal alarm on the market.  There are other alternatives that are comparable and cheaper such as the Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm.  On the Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm is the #1 Best Selling Signal Whistles.  It has nearly 600 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Click to read Amazon reviews!
This Nano Banshee Alarm reviews showcases how this gadget that consumers are purchasing for their entire family will help thwart an intruder from doing you any harm.