Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses Review

This Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses review will go into detail if these sunglasses are worth the hype they're receiving online.

Apache 400 Military Sunglasses

If you've been online anytime during the past year or if you've watched some of the popular infomercials on television you've definitely seen an increase in "tactical" gear being marketed to customers. There has been tactical flashlights, lamps, lanterns, pens, etc. Well, the latest tactical gear that is available to customers is tactical sunglasses such as the Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses.
These sunglasses are identified as tactical because they're military inspired for their durability and their ability to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and sun glare. The Apache 400 Sunglasses aren't cheap sunglasses either, you'll spend $79.99 for one pair and if you want more there is a discount the more you buy.
If you're into comparing products before you buy consider one of the best selling polarized sunglasses on Amazon.com, the Duco Men's Sports Style Driver Glasses. These glasses have an unbreakable frame and have many of the same features as the Apache 400. They are also less than half the price of the Apache 400's. You can buy from Amazon here.

Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses Review - Stylish Specs

Like mentioned earlier these sunglasses are military inspired sunglasses and are recognized by the website that sells them as "the last pair of sunglasses you'll ever need." You may be asking why but if you've seen a picture of them you can't deny they're stylish glasses that you probably won't get tired of wearing.

Style and Comfort

Many sunglasses are designed for style while others are designed for their performance, with the Apache 400 sunglasses you can get the best of both worlds. You can tell they're made lightweight with the lenses easily wrapping around your eyes. The lenses have an orange tint or new tech polarized lenses that is very popular with many glare resistant sunglasses.

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Used by Military and Service Professionals

These glasses are sought after by many of our servicemen including military personnel, police officers, firemen, and those who enjoy the outdoors. They were designed for the military to be the most glare resistant sunglasses on the market.
These professions spend a lot of time outdoors and require sunglasses that are durable and the lens won't get damaged easily. With the Apache 400 glasses they can enjoy shatter and scratch proof glasses that will last them for years to come. Not only are these glasses scratch proof but they're also glare-resistant protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.


According to their website the Apache 400's are 10 times more durable and glare-resistant than your average pair of sunglasses you can purchase on the shelf. This is obvious because if our servicemen prefer these glasses over others then you know one of the benefits of these glasses is they have to be made tough.
Most tactical products are advertised as products that were only available to the military but due to a surplus they're now being made available to the public. The Apache 400 sunglasses sort of falls into this category because customers know if the military uses them then they must be a good product.

Order Apache 400 Sunglasses

If you've interested in purchasing the Apace 400 Military Sunglasses you can visit their order website at www.stealthglasses.com. At the site you can buy one or more than one. Here is a list of their pricing:
1 pair $79.99
2 pairs $99.99
3 pairs $129.99
4 pairs $159.99
5 pairs $199.99
6 pairs $239.99
Each order comes with the glasses, 1 Micro Fiber wipe, and 1 mesh case. You can see by the pricing list that the more you buy the cheaper the glasses get per unit.

Alternative Sunglasses on Amazon

If the price of these sunglasses is too high for you there are alternatives. One of the best selling polarized sunglasses on Amazon.com is the Duco Men's Sports Style Driver Glasses. These glasses have an unbreakable frame and have over 1,600 customer reviews on Amazon. Customers have given the product a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with over 70% of customers rating the sunglasses 5 star. The best thing about these glasses is they're less than half cost of the Apache 400 tactical sunglasses, buy from Amazon here.

This Apache 400 tactical sunglasses review is here to provide you with the latest military inspired glasses on the market.