MegaBoost Wifi Repeater Review - End Dead Zones

If you’re having problems keeping a reliable WiFi signal throughout all parts of your home this MegaBoost Wifi Repeater review will provide a solution.  A WiFi repeater is what is needed for larger homes that struggle getting consistent WiFi coverage throughout each room, the patio, the attic, in the garage, etc.  What part your home are you lacking a strong WiFi signal?

The purpose of a WiFi booster is to strengthen or amplify your existing WiFi signal extending it to dead areas that have difficulty receiving a full signal.  The repeater can double the coverage of your network so wherever you go in your home you can receive the internet in full strength.

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MegaBoost Wifi Repeater Review – How it Works

The MegaBoost Wifi Booster is a new product on the market that you’ve probably seen advertised on the internet.  It is advertised to provide customers with better WiFi and end WiFi dead zones.  The device is a plug in device that you plug in to a socket in your home nearest the areas where you’re receiving a steady signal. After following the instructions on how to set it up which is not complicated only taking about a minute to install and get going.  Once finished the setup process you will be able to enjoy faster and uninterrupted internet in a part of the house that was struggling before.

Setup Instructions of MegaBoost Wifi Booster

  • Place MegaBoost in a location where the WiFi signals are consistent
  • User your smartphone, mobile device, laptop to connect to the device
  • From your mobile device, smartphone, or laptop select WiFi SSID: Wireless-N to connect
  • From your internet browser type in and hit Enter
  • Select the Repeater mode
  • Select the SSID of your router
  • Enter your router’s SSID name and password
  • Revisit the WiFi Connection and connect Wireless-N again and use your router’s password

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MegaBoost 4 Settings

The MegaBoost wireless range extender has 4 settings depending on how you plan to use the device.  It has a wireless router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, and WISP client router mode.
  • Router Mode – acts as a router creating an instant private wireless network allowing other internet capable devices to share the signal.
  • Repeater Mode – this mode is the highlight of this device as it extends your existing WiFi coverage improving the strength of your WiFi signal throughout your home.
  • Access Point Mode – from this setting users can create a wireless network for WiFi devices
  • WISP Client Router Mode – simultaneous wireless ISP access and sharing
This product is designed for home use and works with any standard router or gateway.  The instructions are simple to follow and anyone should be able to follow along and setup their MegaBoost WiFi mini router with ease. Currently new customers can take advantage of a 50% off deal on these range extenders.  As advertised the 50% off sale reduces the retail price greatly and affords customers the option to purchase more than one.  Here is a quick breakdown of pricing for various quantity orders:
  • 1 unit - $49.95
  • 2 units - $99.90
  • 3 units - $149.85
  • 4 units – 199.79
  • 5 units – 499.75
On the #1 Best Selling WiFi range extender is the NetGear N300.  There are over 20,000 customer reviews for this product and it’s nearly half the price of the MegaBoost Wifi Mini Router.  60% of Amazon customers rated the product a 4.0 out of 5 stars, click to purchase from Amazon!!

Customers can purchase a MegaBoost WiFi repeater online at  It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee where unsatisfied customers can send the product back in 90 days and receive a full refund.  Be sure to compare them with the most popular repeaters on Amazon to make a smart purchase.