Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight Review

If you’re looking to upgrade your current flashlights to the latest tactical flashlight read our Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight Review.

Seal Torch 2000 Military Flashlight

Being prepared is a must for everyone just in case you’re confronted with an emergency situation.  Encountering a crisis is inevitable for nearly everyone and when you do have to face one you need to have the right tools at your disposal. 

An important emergency preparedness tool that everyone needs is a flashlight, but more importantly a tactical flashlight.  It needs to be able to have a super bright light, have various lighting mode features, be durable for different types of climate, and can be used as a weapon if necessary.

Seal Torch 2000 Flashlight from Cade Courtley

A great flashlight consumers should consider is the Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight.  You may have seen an advertisement of this flashlight online or on the show Surviving Disaster on Spike TV with host Cade Courtley.  Courtley gives his own Seal Torch 2000 flashlight review and calls it “the brightest night observation and illumination device available for civilian use.”

He demonstrates how powerful the light beam is on the Seal Torch military flashlight by shining a typical flashlight into a dark room versus the Seal Torch.  The difference is astounding between the two flashlights with the Seal Torch nearly filling up the entire room.  According to Courtley the Seal Torch is more than 11 times brighter than the traditional flashlight.

Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight Review - The Details

As mentioned earlier there are a number of features this flashlight has that you’ll find beneficial when you’re outdoors at night.

Super Bright Light

What gives the Seal Torch tactical flashlight it’s bright brilliant light is its Xml-T6 LED bulb.  The bulb shines at 700 lumen which is more than enough power for you to see anything in the dark regardless where you are.  It can come in handy when walking your dog or fixing a flat tire at night.

With the bright light there’s 4 settings to control the illumination.  There are also strobe features which are tactically designed to disorient any potential threat coming your way.  The strobing features also act as a hazard light during a car breakdown or some other crisis.

Telescoping Lens

Like most other flashlights the Seal Torch 2000 has a telescoping lens that allows you to shrink or widen the light beam depending on the size of your target.  This feature is critical as it will allow you to easily focus in on so you can see better or if you need to see more of the area it will expand out.

Nearly Indestructible

The Seal Torch 2000 tactical flashlight is made of light weight military grade metal which makes the flashlight nearly indestructible.  If you’ve seen an video advertisement of this flashlight you will notice that it was driven over by a car tire, hit with a hammer, submerged in water, and put in a blender.  After the beating it took, it still worked as normal.

The flashlight is also waterproof so if you accidentally drop it in the water or if it’s raining outside you don’t have to worry about the light not working.  It will function normally.

Muzzle Design

The muzzle of the flashlight is also crafted so it can be used as a weapon if necessary.  If you feel threatened then the flashlight can be thrown or used to injure someone.  The muzzle also is strong enough to break a car window if necessary.

Seal Torch 2000 Free

The biggest advertisement highlight concerning the Seal Torch 2000 military flashlight review is it’s FREE.  You only need to pay the shipping costs to receive the flashlight.  The costs are $9.95 for one flashlight and the more you purchase it increases such as $27 for 3 flashlights and $45 for 5 flashlights.  It also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Seal Torch 2000 on Amazon

The Seal Torch is not available for sell on Amazon but there are some nice deals that are comparable, for instance the Hausbell 7W Tactical Flashlight is very popularYou can get 2 flashlights together for cheaper than 1 Seal torch.  It has over 2,000 reviews and 67% of customers gave it 5 stars.  Click for Hausbell reviews!!

Seeing is everything during an emergency and can make the difference between life and death.  Consider the details written in this Seal Torch 2000 tactical flashlight review and get your family a set of tactical flashlights.