NavTac Tactical Flashlight Review

This NavTac Tactical Flashlight review provides readers some specific detail into the popular NavTac Flashlight and where they can buy one.

Navtac Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are more modernized flashlights that people are replacing their old bulky flashlights with.  These flashlights offer more features and shine much brighter than the traditional flashlights that require huge D sized batteries.  The newer flashlights only require AA or AAA sized batteries and are more compact in size.  A popular flashlight sold online that many people are switching to is the NavTac Tactical Flashlight.

The NavTac Flashlight is just one of many tactical flashlights that are advertised online and on television.  The features that they offer people like and because many of these flashlights are so small they are considered Every Day Carry items that people take everywhere they go.  They are carried in purses, pockets, bags, etc. 

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Like mentioned earlier the flashlights utilize AAA batteries or lithium ion batteries, offer self defense features, and provide users with the brightest light they’ve ever seen in a flashlight

NavTac Tactical Flashlight Review

With many of the popular tactical flashlights you see online, they all offer the same features.  The popularity of the tactical flashlight began with the Shadowhawk X800 which uses a similar lumen bulb as the Navtac.  Both the Shadowhawk X800 and NavTac feature an XPE LED light bulb but the difference between the two is the Shadowhawk shines at 800 lumens and the NavTac shines at 1200 lumens. 

The 1200 lumen XPE Lighting Class Performance bulb used in the Navtac is noted as one of the brightest and most powerful bulbs on the market.  The bright light emitted by this tool is the main attraction for customers as they can light up their backyards or an entire area with these flashlights.


Another popular feature with the Navtac is its durability that allows it to be dropped from long distances and not crack into a thousand pieces.  It is made from Aerospace grade aluminum which is lightweight and tough.  Both inner and outer parts are made from this aluminum which gives customers the confidence to know their flashlight is made to last.  It will last years to come. 

5 Lighting Modes

When a user wants to shine the light there are 5 light settings available for use.  The settings are high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.  Each setting can be scrolled or changed with the push of a button.  The same hand that is holding the flashlight can push or toggle between settings.  With other flashlights you may need assistance with your other hand to change settings but because the Navtac is so small this can be done with the same hand.

The strobe light setting is a self-defense method that is used in the event you’re being attacked or pursued, this setting can be used to shine into the eyes of the aggressor which will disorient them or temporarily blind them providing you enough time to get away.  The SOS feature is for emergencies such as a car breakdown at night.

Telescopic Zoom

The Telescopic Zoom feature will allow you to zoom in on your target with a broad or narrow light beam for better clarity.  The Navtac Tactical Flashlight zooms at a 1x to 2000X zoom by simply pushing the head up or down at your target. 

Where to Buy NavTac Flashlight

Customers can purchase this flashlight online at where you can receive a discount the more you order.  One flashlight is priced at $56 per unit but if you purchase more than one the price reduces.  There is a price list available at the online website but here is a quick price chart:

Buy 3 get 2 free at $29 each = $145
Buy 2 get 1 free at $39 each = $117
Buy 2 flashlights = $97
Buy 1 flashlight = $56

Navtac Alternatives

The NavTac is a newly advertised tactical flashlight that is competing with other flashlights that have been on the market for a while.  If you’re wanting to compare this flashlight with others before you buy consider visiting where you can read customer reviews about popular flashlights. 

A comparable flashlight to the NavTac in price is the AnkerBolder that offers 1300 lumens with 5 light modes.  It is cheaper than the NavTac and has over 120 customer reviews on Amazon.  Amazon customers gave the product a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with 83% of customers rating the flashlight 5 stars.  Visit the Anker Bolder product page and purchase here.


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