Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop Review

In this Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop review you will see why the renovated over the door basketball hoop has kids playing hoops in their room.

Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop

nate robinson tekk mini hoop

One of the fun memories growing up is shooting hoops in your room through one of those plastic basketball hoops that you stick to your room door.  It was a lot of fun shooting a small rubber basketball or even balled up paper through one of those hoops.  

The only problem with those hoops was you couldn't really dunk because they weren't designed for dunking.    

Well, things have changed with over the door basketball hoops which are made more durable and guess what, you can dunk on them and even hang on the rim.  One of the most popular hoops that will allow you to do all of this is the Nate Robinson TEKK Mini Hoop.  It’s not made of cheap plastic and resembles the actual rims and backboards used in college and pro basketball.

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The TEKK Mini Hoop is named after professional basketball player Nate Robinson who is the NBA’s first 3 time slam dunk champion.  The TEKK Mini Basketball Hoop and Nate Robinson is a perfect collaboration because Nate is small of stature measuring at 5 ft 9 inches tall and for a guy his height to accomplish the task of winning the NBA slam dunk contest 3 times is quite the accomplishment and gives kids the inspiration to desire to dunk even if it’s only in their room.

Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop Review – Hang on the Rim

The Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop looks like a mini NBA rim and backboard but it’s designed for your room door.  It is designed for durability allowing kids to hang on the rim after they’ve completed a dunk.  The rim is sturdy enough to hold up to 180 pounds which is more than enough for the average sized kid without tearing down your door.

Another perk about the rim is it snaps back in place just like the professional basketball rims.  It utilizes a cutting edge spring technology that allows the rim to bounce back into place after a thunderous dunk.  This is also great for shooting long shots that hit the front of the rim.  You don’t have to worry about the rim bending or breaking, it can handle the weight of a dunk or long shot.

The TEKK Monster Jam Mini Hoop is also designed with a shatterproof fiberglass like backboard.  You won’t have to worry about dunking so hard that the glass breaks and becomes dangerous to your kids.  This product is made very durable and has a thicker rim than other models as well.

Where Can I Buy the Nate Robinson TEKK Mini Hoop?

nate robinson mini basketball hoop

One of the most common places customers can look to purchase a TEKK Mini Hoop is  Amazon always offers competitive pricing with options.  At the TEKK Mini Amazon product page customers can choose between a 12x18 inch OR 18x24 inch backboard, depending on the size of your room door.  Backboards are constructed with 0.25 thick shatterproof polycarbonate that is twice as thick as the product’s competitors.

When you purchase the Nate Robinson Basketball Hoop your package will include the actual hoop, door bracket, mini basketball, and parts/accessories (brackets, screws, rim, basketball pump, basketball net, ball).

It has a rim weight rating to hold up to 180 lbs and users will need to install the backboard and rim before hanging over their door.  The installation process can take up to 20 minutes or less with the instructions.

On the Tekk Nate Robinson Monster Jam Mini Hoop is a popular seller and has over 180 customer reviews.  Customers that want a 2nd opinion can visit the reviews section of Amazon and read what customers are saying.  It has received a 5-star rating from 72% of the Amazon reviewers.  Visit Amazon to read the reviews and purchase online.

This Nate Robinson Mini Basketball Hoop review shows that this goal is a perfect gift for kids and will bring a lot of joy and excitement to them.