Antenna’s Direct ClearStream 2V Antenna Review

Are you looking to watch free over the air TV?  This Antenna’s Direct ClearStream 2V Antenna review will help you see why you shouldn’t overlook this brand.

clearstream 2v long-range hdtv antenna

Clearstream 2V Antenna

Antenna’s Direct is a popular and trusted maker of high quality TV Antenna’s.  Their TV antennas are designed to pull in over the air television network channels so you can watch TV for free.  More people are making the decision every day to ditch their cable providers and switch to HDTV digital antennas.  One of Antenna’s Direct most popular antenna models is the ClearStream 2V Long Range HDTV Antenna.

ClearStream 2V Long-Range HDTV Antenna

The ClearStream 2V Antenna is designed to pull in channels from as far way as 60 miles from broadcast towers.  This is a great device for customers who live in remote areas or areas where they have difficulty receiving a good signal.  There are also certain factors that can reduce a signal such as heavy foliage or building materials that block incoming signals.  The stronger the signal the more channels the digital antenna can capture so you can watch as many free channels as possible. 

On the ClearStream 2V Antenna is a popular choice for customers.  It has over 1,200 customer reviews and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Click for ClearStream 2V best pricing.

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V Setup

ClearStream comes with easy to install instructions for installation.  Once you have it installed the next step is to locate the broadcast towers for your area.  This can be done by visiting  The next step is to connect the coaxial cable to both your antenna and TV.  Scan for available channels using your remote control.  It is best to try several locations when looking for the best reception.  You should be able to receive your favorite networks/channels and begin watching in full HD 1080.

Antenna’s Direct Technology

Why do our antennas outperform the competition? The proof is in the patented loop design. The ClearStream series is engineered to respond to a greater range of frequencies along with a wide beam angle eliminating the need for rotation. In addition to the loop technology, the reflector focuses the antennas power for added range and also provides protection against multipath interference.

Lifetime Warranty

Comes with a lifetime warranty on parts.

What’s included:  ClearStream 2V Antenna, 20in mount, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions (coaxial cable sold separately)