Thursday, August 10, 2017

Best Black Friday Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera Deals

The holiday season is fast approaching and so brings Black Friday 2017.  Shoppers will be looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera 2017 deals/ads/sales.  Most of the major online retailers will have discounted pricing so shoppers will need to do comparison shopping or look below at what we’ve found.

best black friday polaroid pic-300 instant camera 2017 ads

We’ve included a list of Black Friday Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera sales 2017 that we’re posting here for you to check out.  You’ll want to check back often as pricing is subject to changing.

Best Black Friday Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera 2017 Deals

1.       Free shipping – Check Deal Here!

Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera Features

Polaroid instant cameras have been around for years through many generations.  The PIC-300 is a retro camera that users can take pictures and have them produced within a few seconds of taking the pic.  The pic comes out the top of the camera for you to take out and view. 

On Amazon the PIC-300 is a very popular camera amongst shoppers.  It has nearly 1000 customer reviews and customers have rated the camera a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  69% of customers rated the camera 5 stars.  Click to purchase from Amazon!

The size of the pictures that are produced are around the size of a business card.  The paper that is used is the Polaroid PoGo Zink Photo Paper that has its own unique characteristics.  The photo paper creates high quality glossy pics without the use of a printer or ink. 

The photo paper is dry to the touch, water resistant, and comes with an adhesive back for attaching.  Pics can be used for guest books, scrapbooking, weddings, birthdays, etc. 

·         There are 4 colors available – black, blue, purple, and red
·         Has automatic flash feature and electronic shutter
·         After 5 minutes of inactivity there is an energy saving feature that will turn the camera off and to turn the camera back on you can hit the shutter release button or push/pull the lens section.
·         4 light settings
·         Comes with a wrist strap
·         Uses 4 AA batteries

Customers can check out the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera 2017 deals/sales/ads at Best Buy, Walmart, or Target.

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