Monday, August 29, 2016

Zuru’s Air Chair – Beach and Camping Air Couch Review

When you decide to go out on your next camping/beach trip consider taking an Inflatable Air Lounger – read this Zuru Air Chair Review.

On your next trip to the beach instead of taking a towel to lie on or a camping chair to sit on take something that you can lie down on and sit on, the Zuru Air Chair.  The Zuru Air Chair is an inflatable lounger that is very popular with beachgoers in 2016.  It allows you to get the most out of your outdoors trip while providing super comfortability that is more convenient than tagging along a chair. 

The Zuru Air Couch only takes seconds to go from a folded up piece of nylon to an air bed/air chair within seconds.  It will fully support up to 4 people sitting on it or 1 full person lying across it like an air bed.  This product has changed the way you hangout outdoors and it’s so simple to carry and use.

On there are plenty of comparable inflatable air couches to consider.  The Emigoo Air Couch is highly recommended for customers as it costs the same as the Zuru and has over 20 customer reviews you should read.  Amazon customers gave the product a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.  Click to compare the Zuru with the Emigoo.

Zuru Air Bed Features

Inflates Super Fast:  The Zuru Air Lounger inflates in seconds and anybody can learn how to do it.  It doesn’t require any fancy air pumps to put air into the bag.  You simply take both hands and grab both ends of the open end of the bag.  Wave the bag in the air to allow it to fill with air.  Once it has captured enough air seal it off using the seal and clamps.  Now you can comfortably sit on the bag.

Most people are concerned with how long the bag will stay inflated after filling it with air, but it will stay inflated up to 5 hours.  The positive about this is it only takes a few seconds to recapture more air. 

Bag Deflation:  To break down the bag and release the air simply unclamp then unseal the bag.  Starting from the opposite end start rolling up the bag to release the air.  While rolling or folding the bag up it can be placed back into its carry bag for easy carry and storage.

Design Material:  The Zuru Air Chair is designed with a tough water resistant parachute material.  The material is comfortable to lie on and according to customers is soft.  When setting up the air lounger it can be placed on different types of surfaces such as uneven, wet, or soft surfaces.

Pocket on the Side:  On the side of the bag is a built-in side pocket to put your valuables, keys, wallet, etc.

The only issue you may have with ordering a Zuru Air Chair is ordering directly from their website  The site says after ordering it can take up to 25 days for your product to be shipped.  If you don’t want to wait that long consider a comparable inflatable lounger such as the Emigoo Air Couch from  Click here to visit the Emigoo product page and remember to use Amazon Prime to receive your Emigoo within 2 days.

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