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Shadowhawk Laser Reviews - Best Selling Tactical Laser

This ShadowHawk Tactical Laser review will show you why this gadget is getting a lot of attention online.  People see a need to have one of these tactical lasers.
shadowhawk laser reviews
shadowhawk tactical laser

Shadowhawk Tactical Laser 

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet this year you’ve undoubtedly seen ads on the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight.  An offshoot of the Shadowhawk X800 is the Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber.  It’s the latest product in the Shadowhawk line that many people are purchasing to use for outdoors purposes. 
The “most powerful handheld laser in the world” is what they are calling the Shadowhawk Military Grade Tactical Laser Saber.  It’s a favorite amongst preppers who use this device when they’re out camping, hiking, or adding to their survival gear.  The laser is a tool used for aiming or targeting to help draw attention to a particular target such as the stars in the sky.  Click for Amazon best pricing.

Shadowhawk Laser Saber Specs

shadowhawk laser saber
Beam:  The laser emits a bright green laser beam that can be seen up to a mile away.  It is a handheld device but can also be attached to a weapon.
Disorientation:  A tactical laser can be used to disorient someone that is trying to attack you.  You can simply shine the light into their eyes for a temporary moment of blindness and disorientation.
Stargazing:  The color green can be seen more clearly at night than most other colors which is why the laser beam is a good tool for stargazing.  You can point it at the stars and it can be seen or attach it to a telescope. 
Night fishing:  Fish are attracted to a green laser light that is shone at them or in front of them.  The Shadowhawk laser can be a great fishing lure to bait fish for catching.
Pets:  You’ve seen the many videos of pet owners shining a laser light on the ground while their pets go crazy trying to figure out what/where the light is coming from and trying to catch it. 
Light Laser Show:  If you’re having a party the laser beam can be a fun way to put on a laser show. 
Other features:  The Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser is designed in the USA and is made of aircraft grade aluminum.  The bulb will last 5,000 hour lifetime.
Cost:  Customers can purchase 1 Shadowhawk Laser Beam at $69 from their website or buy more than 1 and receive a discount.  

Shadowhawk Laser Reviews from Customers

On the Shadowhawk Laser Saber has pretty decent reviews with over 30 reviews left by customers and a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. Click for Shadowhawk Laser best pricing. Also on Amazon the laser comes with a 2-prong wall charger, rechargeable battery, 2 keys, and a star tip attachment.
What customers are saying:
My husband has been wanting a laser like this for a while and he finally got around to ordering one. He had great fun pointing to the stars and satellites to the rest of the family on our most recent camping trip.
I was very pleasantly surprised when I received this laser. It is much stronger than I imagined. It does come with an accessory that fits over the laser that's a kaleidoscope. It's a really beautiful effect and I think I like that as much as I do the laser.
I love it! Very powerful and will light up a reflective sign in broad daylight 1,000 feet from where I am.
The laser shot distance is longer than I would ever need. I shot it across a football stadium from visitor side to home side in the daytime and could still see the pointer. I also like the lens they give you that splits the beam into thousands of small beams. 
If you're interested in a Shadowhawk Tactical Laser visit for the lowest price on the internet and also compare the Shadowhawk with other brand laser sabers.

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