Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Qalo Silicone Wedding Band Review

This Qalo Silicone Wedding Band review will help visitors realize how convenient this wedding ring alternative is to prevent you from accidentally damaging or losing your original wedding band. 

I personally see the value in wearing a Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring because I lost my gold wedding ring during a round of golf.  I don’t like swinging a golf club with my wedding ring on so I placed it in my pants pocket and it somehow slipped out.  For this reason I’m a believer in a silicone wedding band because it still signifies you’re married but it’s just a cheaper alternative.

On the Qalo Silicone Ring is a hot seller with over 1,700 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Click for best Qalo Band pricing online.

Wedding rings aren’t really designed for men/women that do blue collar work to wear every day.  They can easily get caught up in machinery causing you to lose a finger or your ring can get dinged up a lot.  Who wants to wear a wedding ring that has lots of scrapes and scratches when you can simply leave it at home and wear a Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring.

What is a Qalo Ring?

Qalo Rings are secondary wedding bands that are made of a hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous medical grade silicone.  They’re designed for people who use their hands a lot such as mechanics, athletes, machine operators, etc.  If you have a dirty job then take off your real wedding band, leave it at home, and wear a cheap silicone band at work.  There are rings for men and women in all different colors.

Due to the nature of your job, if you’ve had trouble keeping up with your wedding ring OR if you have a habit of losing your ring, then consider a Qalo Silicone Ring.  The ring only costs about $20 and if you lose it there’s no stress because you’re not out of a lot of money unlike your gold/platinum/diamond wedding ring.  

Qalo Wedding Band Features

•             Withstand temperatures from -75 degrees F to 575 degrees F
•             Gas and oil resistant
•             Fits true to regular wedding ring sizes

What Customers are saying:

•             Bought this for my husband (works in law enforcement) and he loves it. The fit is true to size.
•             Just what I wanted for work and working out. Don't notice during gym activities.
•             He also works in construction and always has the major concern of his ring getting hung up on something and tearing off his finger.  I ordered him one and he loves it.

•             My new husband loves his green ring. He's an electrician and now he doesn't have to worry about being electricuted while working but can still show that he is married.

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