Saturday, July 23, 2016 - LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy Helmet Review

If you’re losing hair or if you’re experiencing thinning hair, whether male or female, there’s a revolutionary hair grow product on the market called iGrow that is designed to improve your hair condition.  The iGrow Low Level Laser Hair Growth System at first sight is an unusual looking device, kind of like a space age helmet, but you simply wear the helmet and allow it to do its job of trying to regrow your hair.

Before getting into the details of how the iGrow LLLT Helmet works the product is available on and there are over 80 customer reviews available for visitors to read.  Amazon customers gave this product a 3.6 out of 5 star review rating.  55% of the customers scored a 5 star review with many indicating over time they’ve seen hair growth while others say the product has stopped their hair loss.

What is iGrow and How Does it Work?

iGrow is a non-invasive, side effect free, surgery free solution to regrowing hair.  The actual iGrow Hair Growth System is an FDA cleared helmet device that utilizes low level light therapy which has been proven to grow thicker fuller hair.  Researchers at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Harvard Medical School learned that low level light therapy can benefit individuals that are dealing with thinning hair.  The iGrow helmet uses specific wavelengths and dosages to increase hair counts in men and women.

iGrow Hair Growth System Features

At Home Treatment:  Owners of the iGrow Helmet can conveniently use this device in the comfort of their home and treat themselves for years to come.  They don’t have to continue purchasing hair growth products.

Remote Touchscreen:  Remote touchscreen control allows users to control settings.

Adjustable:  has 4 adjustable fit columns for optimum comfort while the helmet is on.  Includes earphones with an audio port so you can listen to music while wearing the device.

How to use:  use for 25 minutes every 2 days for a 16 week period.  After following this plan you can use the product once per week to continue and maintain results.

Money Back Guarantee:  iGrow has a 6 month money back guarantee.

Customers can purchase the iGrow Light Therapy Helmet from or by visiting to receive the best pricing online.

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