Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wham-O Hamper Hoops Over the Door Basketball Hoops Review

Every parent has a difficult time getting their kids to keep their room clean.  It's something that has to be taught but there's a way to teach this that is fun and exciting for kids.  It's called Wham-O Hamper Hoops a basketball hoops game that collects and stores their dirty clothes.  Instead of taking off their clothes and leaving them on the floor or piled up in a corner the Hamper Hoops Over the Door Hoops game is a fun way to use their hamper.

How Does Hamper Hoops Work?

In a nutshell Hamper Hoops is a portable basketball backboard with a rim that fits over any door preferably the door in your kids room.  The rim has an attached laundry bag that is used to collect the dirty laundry that your kid will ball up and shoot through the rim into the laundry bag.  So basically every time your kids takes off his dirty clothes he can launch them through the hoop of Hamper Hoops and they’ll stay there until it’s time to wash clothes.

Hamper Hoops is an easy way for kids to keep from cluttering up their closets, underneath their beds, and their floor with clothes that can simply be put in the dirty clothes hamper.  Hamper Hoops is a daily activity for them that is fun and reinforcing good clean room habits.

Once the laundry bag attached to the Hamper Hoops net is full or when you’re ready to start washing clothes just disconnect the bag from the net and empty the clothes into the washing machine straight from the bag.  The laundry bag can be left off the net and kids can simply use the Hamper Hoops basketball hoop as is.  There is a ball that comes with the product that you can use with the hoop.

At this product has pretty good reviews from customers.  There are over 250 reviews left by current owners of Hamper Hoop and they’ve given the product a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers can purchase the product from Wham-O’s Amazon product page HERE.

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