Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vornado 660 Whole Room Circulator Fan Review

One of the best portable fans you can buy for your money is the Vornado 660 Whole Room Circulator Fan.  Some people say this fan does a better job at circulating air in a room than a ceiling fan.  It’s nowhere near as big as a ceiling fan but it has a unique design that allows it to push stagnant air throughout your room creating an even temperature all the way around the 4 walls.  The Vornado 660 fan is a great seller on Amazon.com and people have been customers for years.

How Does the Vornado 660 Work?

The Vornado 660 fan utilizes a technology called Vortex Action that creates an airflow column mixing up stagnant air in an entire room and recirculating it back out to the center of the room while producing an even room temperature.  The air is constantly being mixed so there are no hot or cold zones in the room thus reducing poor circulation. 

The design of the Vornado fan is broken down into 4 parts:  Inlet Air Accelerator, Deep Pitch Blades, Enclosed Air Duct, and AirTensity Spiral Grill.  The Inlet Air Accelerator directs recirculated air to the Deep Pitch Blades which are heavily contoured to push as much air as possible with each turn. 

As the air moves from the Deep Pitch Blades it moves through the Enclosed Air Duct which is made in a cylindrical creating the Vortex Action Column allowing the air to be powered through stagnant room air.  The AirTensity Spiral Grill helps to create the spiral effect of the Vortex Action Column where air travels through the room.  All of these features working together produces the high performance of a Vornado 660 unit.

Vornado 660 Fan Features

Vortex Circulation:  The fans design and created vortex action cools down your room enough to allow you to use less air conditioning power up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  You will save money and energy with this fan.

Tilts:  Each Vornado unit has the ability to tilt horizontally or vertically using the chrome glide bar.  The tilting feature helps to create different airflow room patterns. 

Push Button Controls:  There are 4 speed control buttons located at the top of the fan.  The settings range from whisper quiet to turbo.

5 Year Guarantee:  Each Vornado unit is guaranteed to last 5 years and has a 5 year warranty.

On Amazon.com the Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator has over 1,000 customer reviews and customers have rated the fan a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It’s a premium fan but with a 5 year guarantee the price really isn’t that much of a factor because you know you’re getting a top quality product.  Customers visit the Vornado product page on Amazon.com for purchasing information.

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