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UpCart Reviews - All Terrain Climbing Folding Cart

This UpCart All Terrain Cart review will show you how versatile and useful this stair climbing folding cart is especially for people who frequently go up/down stairs.
upcart stair climbing folding cart
upcart reviews
UpCart Reviews
Do you need a multi-functional hand truck/cart?  Especially for individuals who have stairs to travel up and down need a specialized cart that can easily maneuver over steps.  The UpCart All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart is a great lil hand truck design that will tote your bags upstairs or downstairs easily.  It's essentially a folding hand cart assembled on a unique 3 wheel design that makes life so much easier if you are carrying large items.
On the UpCart has almost 100 customer reviews and has received a star rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.  The retail price for this product is around $89 but you can receive the best pricing online at
upcart reviews

UpCart Stair Climbing Folding Cart

The UpCart is a folding cart that utilizes a three wheel chasis design that rotates on either side of the cart ensuring that 4 cart wheels are always in contact with the ground.  Having 4 wheels on the ground is better than 2 wheels while providing better stability while in use and easily enables the hand truck to walk up stairs, over curbs, and any other obstacle that gets in its path.  The chasis design enables the cart to very easily travel up or downstairs with a capacity weight of up to 100 pounds.
Typically with a traditional hand cart it is drug up stairs as the 2 wheels on each side hit against each stair step as you make your way up the stairs. Depending on how much weight is on the cart makes this carrying process difficult whether going up or down the stairs. Many accidents have been caused by the 2 wheel hand cart.
The UpCart simplifies the carrying process for stairs making it easier to transport your packages and reducing your risk of accident. The 3 wheel design is uniquely configured to assist you with carrying.
UpCart All Terrain Cart
Another great perspective of the UpCart All Terrain Hand Cart is its ability to maneuver through different types of terrain. It has the capability to be pulled easily through grass, dirt, rocks, over curbs, through dips, and more all while carrying packages. There is also no limit to the types of items the cart can carry.
It's probably best said that users of the cart shouldn't try to go beyond the 100 pound weight limit. You're going to risk damaging the cart when you try carrying objects over the weight limit.

UpCart Ability to Adjust and Fold

To further enhance the ease of use of the UpCart Stair Climber when you are finished using the cart it easily collapses and folds for you to put away.  It also has an adjustable handle that allows you to select optimum heights when pulling up level or unlevel surfaces.

If you’re wondering how well built the UpCart Folding Hand Truck is well the frame of the cart is made of aluminum alloy with non-marking rubber tires, and shielded ball bearings.  The product is built to last you a long time to help assist you with carrying heavy objects easily.

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