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Hoffman Richter HR 15 Review - Best Tactical Knife

This Hoffman Richter HR 15 review will explain why the HR 15 Tactical Knife is an essential every day carry item.
Hoffman richter hr 15 review
Hoffman Richter HR 15
Hoffman Richter Tactical Knife
The pocket knife has been a favorite tool for men since they were young boys.  There are so many uses for a pocket knife that they are essential items to always have on you. The type of knife that is gaining in popularity is the tactical knife, one in particular is the Hoffman Richter HR-15 Tactical Folding Knife.  This knife is an upgrade from the old ones we used to carry, its made with higher quality materials that make the knife more durable.  It also has certain tactical qualities that can come in handy during emergencies.  
Customers at have this product rated very highly as well.  It has over 170 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.6 out of 5 stars.  Click for HR 15 best pricing.
The Hoffman Richter HR-15 tactical folding knife is more than just a pocket knife but is considered a lifesaving tool that has multiple uses beyond simple cutting.  It’s considered an emergency device that will come in handy when you need something that has multiple uses.  This everyday carry knife has a lifetime guarantee warranty by the company that manufactures it (Hoffman Richter).  The warranty also protects the knife against any defects which says a lot about their customer service.
The Unlimited Lifetime Warranty explains that if your Hoffman Richter Knife ever fails to meet complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge by calling 1-512-900-2493 to request an RMA# then returning the product to this address:  Hoffman Richter, Attn:  Warranty Department, 58120Trade Center Drive #300, Austin, TX  78744.
Hoffman Richter HR 15 Review
Weight:  The knife weighs approximately 9 ounces which some customers appreciate while there are others that have an issue with the heavy weight of the knife.  In order for it to be effective at all of its capabilities it needs to have some weight to it.
Blade:  The blade is Titanium Coasted Steel (high quality 440C Steel) that has an ultra-tough coating with the purpose of the knife lasting years to come.  It is half-serrated that will definitely cut through the thinnest materials to the densest materials.
Hoffman richter tactical knife
300 Pound Cord Tie/Glass Breaker:  The notch on the end of the knife is designed for emergency situations such as breaking out glass or running rope/line through to hold up or tie off something.  The notch is tough and can withstand a weight of 300 pounds.
Spring Assisted Opening:  The knife opens via spring assist so there’s no pulling the knife to open but instead it opens in seconds just in case you need to use this knife as a weapon.
Frame-lock Safety Switch:  This feature is standard on all good knives and is an important safety feature.
The Hoffman Richter Tactical Knife is available at and visitors can browse through the customer reviews and see what customers have to say about the knife.  Don't take our word for it but see what people like and dislike about the HR-15.  Click for HR 15 best pricing online.
Hoffman Richter HR 15  - Customer Reviews
  • At 9.2 ounces, it is a beast. I have had it a year and I have used it for just about any reason you could think of.
  • The first thing I noticed is how heavy this knife is. It's at least 3 times as heavy as my s&w knife of the same size. It has some major weight to it. It came very sharp as well.
  • The spring assist on this knife is awesome. The blade itself is very secure. There is no loose feeling, or excess movement at all. The edge that the blade has on it is also quite sharp.
  • I like this knife, a lot. It is stout through and through. I have had no problems with the blade becoming loose or any other issues. I've taken this one camping twice and beat the heck out of it. It just keeps going.
If you're in need of an everyday carry knife the Hoffman Richter HR 15 blade is as good as it gets and you'll be a happy camper. 


  1. Talking from experience, a pocket knife is a very resourceful survival tool that you can easily overlook. There are two instances in which my pocket knife came in handy. Unfortunately I did lose it during my last camping trip. I think the Hoffman Richter tactical knife is a good replacement. Thanks for sharing this great review. I similarly found reliable products here:


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