Sunday, July 24, 2016

Survival Giant Brightmax 3000 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

Most homes have numerous flashlights stored around the house in case of an emergency power outage. The good news is flashlight technology has gotten much better and you don’t have to deal with dim flashlights anymore. The Brightmax 3000 Military Grade Led Flashlight and other super bright military grade flashlights are now being made available to customers.

The Brightmax 3000 is a durable flashlight made from Machined Aircraft Aluminum that runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It has the capabilities to light up at 700 lumens and has a number of features that your old flashlights don’t have.  Below is a list of features you can expect from the Brightmax 3000.

A great alternative for a powerful super-bright flashlight is the N-Gage Tactical LED Rechargeable Flashlight offered on  It is the same price as the Brightmax 3000 but has nearly 50 customer reviews with customers giving the flashlight a 5.0 out of 5 star rating.  Click for N-Gage best pricing online.

Brightmax 3000 LED Flashlight Review

5 Preset Modules – high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe
SOS feature is used for emergencies such as for car breakdowns identifying that you need help
Strobe feature is a self-defense mode that continuously blinks used to shine in the face of someone trying to do you harm.  It temporarily blinds the person and hopefully will drive them away.
Dimensions – flashlight is 5 inches long
Zoom – 4 zoom levels (x1, x250, x500, and x1000)
Outer Casing:  the flashlight is covered in indestructible military grade aircraft aluminum and is virtually indestructible
100,000 hour LED life at 3000 lumens
$49.95 price for 1 flashlight or $89.95 for 2

The military styled tactical flashlight has been a hot item this year and customers are getting lured into buying them.  The Brightmax 3000 is a decent flashlight but there aren’t a lot of places online where you can find reviews from customers about the flashlight before you decide to purchase it.

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