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Relief Band Reviews - Band For Motion Sickness

Many people are learning how to deal with anxiety and nausea by wearing the Relief Band for Motion Sickness.  This Relief Band review will help those that are dealing with these symptoms to understand how this wearable tech band can be a remedy for their symptoms.
relief band reviews
relief band for motion sickness
A new remedy for anyone that suffers from motion sickness is wearable technology called the Reliefband Voyager Watch.  It prevents and reduces the symptoms of anxiety that come from motion sickness. By wearing the band you have control over your emotions and how your body handles certain stressful situations that trigger motion sickness.  The Reliefband Anti-Anxiety Watch can be worn or just be handy for when you may need it.
This product is recommended by doctor’s and is used by them when treating patients after they have surgery to prevent nausea and vomiting.  At the device has received good reviews. There are over 200 reviews on the product and it has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.  Compare Amazon's prices with other retailers.
How does the Relief Band Voyager Watch Work?
relief band
The device uses a proprietary nerve stimulation technology that uses accurately programmed pulses with highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist.  Through years of clinical research this activity uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach.
It doesn’t take long for the nerve stimulation technology to work and you beginning to see your nausea and motion sickness subside.  When you put on the Reliefband Watch and adjust the intensity that is appropriate for your needs, you will begin to feel results within a few minutes.  The nausea and motion sickness will go away and you’ll feel normal again.
How to Use the Relief Band For Motion Sickness?
• Find the starting area on your wrist to place the Reliefband (between the two tendons on the underside of your wrist)
• Make sure the area is clean and apply a small drop of gel and spread over the starting area.
• Center the Reliefband device over the cleaned area and attach to your wrist.
• In the center of the face of the band is a button that you’ll use to turn on the device and set your intensity selection from 1 to 5.
• You will begin to feel a tingling sensation in your palm or middle fingers indicating the Reliefband is working.
• To turn the device off press the power button in the center of the band.
Relief Band Reviews From Customers:
• So here's the thing... I have unrelenting, terrible, debilitating pregnancy sickness (hyperemesis) so I was thrilled when this gave me some relief.
• I love this thing. I bring it on every cruise I go on, just in case I start to experience motion sickness
• I've been sleeping with it on my wrist and no longer wake up nauseous
• She turns it on and gets immediate relief from motion sickness. We were just in Jamaica on a small boat in heavy chop and she did not feel sick at all.
Most online retailers retail the Relief Band at $89.99.  Visit and receive the best pricing online along with receiving support from the customer reviews.

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