Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pouch Couch Air Filled Beach Couch Review

The Pouch Couch Air Filled Beach Couch is the perfect addition for your next outing to the beach. You will love it because its so convenient and it really comes in handy.  You don't have to worry about lugging around chairs as you make your way through the sand to the beach but instead carry your Pouch Couch in its strap on bag with ease.  It inflates and sets up so fast without the need of a pump.  All you need to do to inflate the air bag is to wave it in the air as it fully inflates in mere seconds and then you seal it off.

The Pouch Couch is a great idea as it starts off as a carry bag that’s not too big then fully inflates to hold up to 500 lbs.  It can hold one person lying full body length or up to 2 or three people sitting across the bag using it as a couch.  When you’re ready to go just unseal the bag, let the air out, and roll it up to place back in its bag and store away in a drawer somewhere.

Pouch Couch Highlights

Fully inflates in seconds without a pump
Parachute grade material
500 lbs weight limit
Light compact and can be stored anywhere
Water resistant
Comes in 7 colors (black, navy, blue, green, red, pink, white)

Customers can purchase the pouch couch online at for an online price of $39.99.  The only problem you may have with purchasing the Pouch Couch is you’re not sure of the quality and there aren’t many customer reviews to be found online.  It’s always great to visit to see if they have a similar product that have has customer reviews.

Here is an alternative recommendation of an inflatable air chair that Amazon customers really like the LeisureUPTM 2nd Generation Inflatable Air Lounger.  It has 9 customer reviews and the customers have given the product 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It offers the same features as the Pouch Couch and even has a side storage net to store your cell phone or small items.

What customers are saying about inflatable bean bags:

it cradles your entire body
its super comfy
I feel like I'm laying on a cloud
I bought 2! we love them and use them often. I leave one in my car just to have when we need extra seating anywhere. easy to use and great conversation starter
Incredibly quick as easy to inflate - the coolest gadget this Summer!

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