Monday, July 25, 2016

MyKronoz ZeFit2 Pulse Smartband Watch Review

People are finding a lot of use out of the fitness tracker watches.  There are all kinds on the market and a popular choice is for many consumers is the MyKronoz ZeFit 2 Pulse Activity Tracker.  It has many features other than tracking your steps that a person interested in fitness will enjoy.  The ZeFit 2 is also bluetooth enabled that connects to your smartphone so you can receive email, text, or phone call alerts.

MyKronoz ZeFit 2 Fitness Watch Features

Touchscreen:  Users will enjoy the touchscreen feature that will allow you to use your finger to slide between features.  To go from one notification to another just slide your finger across the screen and it’ll take you from one feature to the next.

Bluetooth:  The Bluetooth feature will allow you to sync your MyKronoz ZeFit2 Activity Tracker Smartband to your smartphone, tablet, or PC and receive notifications directly to your watch.  You will be able to receive notifications of phone calls, text messages, emails received, calendar events, social media activity, etc.  With this feature you won’t have to pull your phone out interrupting your meetings but instead receive a gentle vibration on your wrist.

Activity Tracker:  This fitness watch will keep track of your steps, calories burned, heart rate monitor, and your sleep patterns.  To make this watch work for you so you’ll get results simply utilize the goals feature that allows you to set goals that you seek to accomplish every day.

Other features:  The MyKronoz ZeFit 2 Smartband has a large screen display with big numbers that are easy to read.  It is water resistant and dust proof.  Will work with Android or Apple phones. There are interchangeable bands that can be purchased separately.  The battery has a 10-day life so no recharging for 10 days.  It also comes with a magnetic charger for easy charging.

This MyKronoz ZeFit2 smartband is available at HSN or  Visit to read what customers are saying about this product and take advantage of their best pricing online.

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