Sunday, July 24, 2016

KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounger Hangout Review

The next time you head out to the beach or on a camping trip consider taking an air lounger like the KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounger.  This is a convenient new product that is gaining popularity with beachgoers as they can use this to comfortable sit on or lounge on.  It will sit up to 4 people or 1 person can fully lie down on it.  It's simple to use and very portable while taking up very little space in its deflated state.

Features of a KAISR Original Inflatable Sleeper

Inflates Instantly:  There are no necessary devices needed to supply air to the KAISR Air Bed.  All it takes to inflate this product is to grab it by its open end and wave it briskly in the air.  It instantly fills with air and when you have filled it to your liking close off the open with the seals, twist, and buckle. It’s just that simple.

Deflating:  When you’re ready to leave just unbuckle the sealed end, untwist the bag, unseal the bag, and from the opposite roll up the bag causing the air to exit.  Once you’re completely rolled up the bag you can store it away in its carrying bag.

Durability:  Made of unbreakable parachute fabric that comes with a pocket on one side so you can store your drink.  On the other side of the KAISR is a double pocket where you can store books or smartphone.

Other Features:  The bag is waterproof allowing you to float on water or use in a swimming pool.  It has loops on each end so you can stake your bag to the ground.  There’s a bottle opener attached to open your drinks.  It will also hold air for up to 6 hours.

Customers can purchase the KAISR Original from their Indiegogo page but previous customers are experiencing problems with their order arriving after purchasing.  There are comparable inflatable air loungers available at Amazon that you will be just as satisfied with.
A comparable inflatable lounger is the Bubble Air Lounger that has great reviews at and it’s more affordable than the KAISR by about $26.  There are over 30 reviews available to read at their product page on Amazon and customers have given the Bubble Air Couch a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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