Monday, July 25, 2016

Jerdon LED Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Every woman needs a good lighted makeup mirror so they can see their face a different angles particularly up close and personal.  The Jerdon LED Lighted Makeup Mirror is a perfect bathroom mirror that will capture an image of your entire face.  This mirror is a great seller on with over 2,000 customer reviews.  Customers love how the wing mirrors provide for them views of their face that they aren’t used to seeing and the lighting is a perfect complement.

The Jerdon 5x Lighted Makeup Mirror has a number of features that users will find very helpful and appealing.  The mirror first is elegant in appearance with a classic style.  It has a tri-fold design that has a center mirror and 2 side mirrors offering a panoramic view of your entire face.  The center mirror swivels with 1 side providing a 1x magnification for normal viewing and the other side providing a 5x magnification for closeup viewing.

Below the center mirror there are adjustable lighting settings labeled day, office, evening, and home which you can set for your needs.  At the bottom of the center mirror is the power button to the right and to the left an outlet for plugging in curling irons, blow dryers, and any other beauty accessories. The outlet comes in handy so you can fulfill all of your beauty prepping while sitting in front of your mirror.

If you want to take the Jerdon Lighted Mirror with you it easily folds up for portability that you can put away in your luggage.  Just fold in the 2 side mirrors and you can transport the mirror safely. This mirror comes with a 1 year warranty and requires no batteries to function.

What customers are saying:  
  • Use this kind of lighted makeup mirror for the first time. Now I can see every pore so clearly.
  • This is a wonderful tri-fold make-up mirror. It has different lighting settings. The lights are very bright and help when applying makeup.
  • I think people who buy this unit are getting a good deal. All electrical connections are made with solid crimp connections, and everything is well insulated.
  • I love the tri-fold much better than the single mirror- it really lets you see stray hairs, blemishes, etc.

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