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Future Motion OneWheel Electric Skateboard Review

Skateboards are constantly getting upgraded with newer technology and versions just like the newly released Future Motion OneWheel Electric Skateboard.  It's a cool hoverboard that most people will enjoy riding.  It's an electric skateboard that utilizes one big wheel you ride on instead of the typical 4 wheels.  That one big wheel is electrically powered that you maneuver to go from point A to point B.

The idea behind the OneWheel Hoverboard according to its inventor comes from his passion for snowboarding which the OneWheel ride gives you a snowboarding feel.  It is designed for recreational use and simply replaces your traditional skateboard so you can use it the same way but it as well can be used for commuters that have short distances to work.

How Does the OneWheel Electric Skateboard Work?

Under each foot of the hoverboard are separate functions which work together to move the skateboard.  Underneath one side of the skateboard the batteries are housed (48 V lithium nano-phosphate LiFePO4) and underneath the other side are control electronics.  The control electronics has motion sensors (gyros and accelerometors) that are running a control loop which essentially tell the motor how to perform to keep you balanced while on the hoverboard.  These controls work together to direct the skateboard forward when you lean forward or back when you lean back.
Hub Motor:  The hub motor that is housed inside the wheel powers the skateboard.  It’s a 2,000-watt heat motor that produces 500 watts continuous.

Tire:  The makeup of the tire is similar to a formula 1 racing tire but in a smaller version.  It’s a high tech durable tire that fits the hoverboard perfectly.  The tire can last for several thousand miles.

Smartphone App:  The OneWheel app allows riders to monitor battery levels, turn on/off LED lights, and switch digital shaping settings.  Riders can also track their speed, distance traveled, and all of this information is visible with an iWatch.

Digital Shaping:  This feature allows riders to enjoy differents kind of riding experiences.  The available riding experience settings are in the form of personal style, ability level, or riding terrain.
The OneWheel app controls the settings which also features cruising in Classic, Extreme, or Elevated terrains.

Battery Life:  The OneWheel Hoverboard uses 48V Lithium Nano-Phospate batteries.  These batteries decrease in usage around 8% per 1,000 cycles.  In essence if the board is used everyday for the next 3 years it will be at about 92% of its original usage.

Max Weight:  275 lbs

Range:  up to 6 miles

Recharge time:  with fast charger 20 minutes, with standard charger up to 120 minutes

Weighs:  25 lbs

Future Motion has the OneWheel Electric Hoverboard available for purchasing on It is a premium product with pricing north of $1,000.  Customers can visit and read reviews left by previous customers to see their experiences with the product.

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