Saturday, July 23, 2016

FlashTact G1000 High Powered Tactical Flashlight Review

Our "Men in Blue" and other service personnel depend on their flashlights to help them see at night or in dark areas.  They only rely on the best flashlights around that are the brightest and most durable. Tactical Flashlights are their go to flashlight which are available for the public to purchase as well.  A popular choice in flashlights is the FlashTact G1000 Military Grade Tactical Flashlight.  It's a top high quality premium flashlight that is more than enough for your needs.

FlashTact G1000 Tactical Flashlight Features

Brightness:  According to some the FlashTact G1000 Tactical light is “the brightest flashlight ever sold in the US.”  There are a number of flashlights sold on the market that quote the same thing but with 700 lumens of brightness it is bright enough for the average consumers purposes.

Compact/Lightweight:  The G1000 is a compact flashlight that is only 5.2 inches long closed and when its fully expanded it opens up to 6.18 inches.  It's a rather small unit that is easily carried in your hand when you're out a night or store in your vehicle.

Outer Casing:  Durability is a major selling point with this flashlight as its outer casing is made from military-grade materials (military standard aircraft aluminum) used for components and casings.   This material makes the portable G1000 durable and long lasting.

Preset Modes:  There are 5 Preset Modes along with an adjustable focus beam.  The modes are high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe.  Most tactical flashlights have the SOS and strobe features which are used for emergency/self-defense situations.

Zoom:  Users can expect the zoom ration on this flashlight to be from 1X to 2000X.

Battery:  Uses 3 AAA batteries or a 118650 battery

The FlashTact G1000 Flashlight is priced at $55.95 for 1 single unit but there are additional pricing for customers interested in buying more than 1 flashlight.  The more you buy the cheaper the flashlights get for example if you purchase three G1000 flashlights the price is $133.95 which is $46.95 per unit.

If paying $55 for a flashlight is too expensive for you there are cheaper alternatives of tactical flashlights that customers can consider. has lots of other brands that are very popular with customers who are satisfied with their performance.

A great alternative for a powerful super-bright flashlight is the N-Gage Tactical LED Rechargeable Flashlight offered on  It is the same price as the FlashTact G1000 but has nearly 50 customer reviews with customers giving the flashlight a 5.0 out of 5 star rating.

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