Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fatboy Lamzac Inflatable Air Bed Review

The hottest product out this summer is the Fatboy Lamzac Inflatable Air Lounger.  People are buying these up left and right because of how convenient they are and they are so easy to setup.  It only takes a few seconds to inflate this nylon bag into a comfy air filled sofa couch that several people can sit on or 1 person can lie on.  It can be taken to the beach or out on your next camping trip.

Why You Need a Lamzac Hangout?

The Lamzac Hangout is an inflatable couch that is very portable and does not need any air pumps or devices to inflate it with air.  When you’re ready to use it just take it out of its carrying bag, unroll it, wave it through the air to inflate it, roll up the opposite end of the bag to pressurize the bag, and clip the bag closed.  The entire process from start to finish only takes a few seconds.  Once you’ve set it up you now have a comfortable hammock/bed/couch that you can lie on.

The portable couch can easily replace chairs on a camping trip and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.  It is super lightweight and made of a strong durable fabric that is made of high quality nylon ripstop.  It is also dirt and moisture repellent and can be cleaned with soap and water.  The Lamzac is designed that you will be able to use it many times.  When fully inflated it can also bear nearly 400 lbs.

When filled with air the Lamzac Hangout is around 79” long x 35” wide.  It folds down to 14” x 7” and weighs 2.6 pounds.  It is available for sale online at  The company that makes the Lamzac is selling out of this product fast so if you try to purchase from their website it may be sold out.

Visit to buy a Lamzac Hangout Sleeping Bag and read the reviews from customers to see how they like their bag.


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