Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fast Inflatable Sleeping Bag Review

One of the coolest products of the year that will make lounging around on your next trip to the beach so much fun is the Fast Inflatable Sleeping Bag.  You’ve got to admit if you’ve seen how this thing works it’s a nifty idea and will come in handy.  All it takes is a few seconds to inflate the bag by simply waving it in the air and you’ve got yourself an inflatable couch for you and your friends to sit on or an inflatable bed for 1 person to lie on.  There is no need for an air pump it simply inflates by a simple waving in the air.

There are a lot of different brands of inflatable sleeping bags already on the market.  On a popular choice for customers is the Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag which is a quality bag with a high customer rating.  Customers have given the bag a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.  Read their customer reviews.

The Inflatable Bag has a lot of names because it literally replaces a number of items you typically take on your trips such as a folding chair, hammock, inflatable pool lounger, picnic blanket, etc. There is no need to bring those items because this is so much better.  It starts out as a flat deflated nylon sack that you carry in a bag.  When you’re ready to use it simply pull it out of the bag, grab the open ends, wave it in the air a few times to fill it with air, seal off the ends, and now you have your inflatable lounger/sleeping bag.

Fast Inflatable Sleeping Bag Highlights

·         Inflates in seconds, doesn’t require a pump

·         Floats on water to perform as a pool raft or inflatable raft

·         Made from ripstop nylon that is lightweight and durable

·         Weighs 3 lbs but when inflated can support up to 400 lbs

What customers are saying:

·         It is very easy to fill and is such a great accessory to bring to the beach, it'll get you lots of attention!

·         Love how this big lounger can just sit in the back pack for a few hundred grams of weight only! Highly recommended if you are into camping, hiking, beach or chilling in the pool etc.

·         It feels like you are in a bean bag hammock. I can't wait to bring it camping to lounge around and drink some cold ones.

·         It fills up in seconds. Way faster and easier than any small air mattress I've ever used. For camping it will replace our lounge chairs, water toys, and hammock.

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