Thursday, July 28, 2016

Etymotic Research ER20 Earplugs Review

If you’re a musician or if you work in a loud environment you know how important it is to not only protect your hearing but to also be able to hear clear enough to know what’s going on around you.  The Etymotic Research ER20 Musicians Ear Plugs is a recommended ear plug for such conditions as they use a patented technology that allows you to hear all frequencies clearly.  There are a lot of other professions or environments that need to reduce the volume around them but still hear clearly such as in concerts, motor sports, emergency vehicle personnel, etc.

Unlike most other earplugs that block all the noise in your environment so you can barely hear what someone is saying the Etymotic ER20 Ear Plugs preserve the clarity of speech and simply reduces overall sound.  When wearing these earplugs you will feel like the volume has been lowered. 

Etymotic Research ER20 Ear Plugs Features

      ·         Triple flange design produces a good seal for your ear canal
      ·         Reduces volume by 20 db
      ·         Durable, washable, and long lasting that should last for months if taken care of properly
      ·         Come in 2 sizes:  Standard size for average to small ears AND Large Size for average to large ears

On Etymotic Earplugs are a highly favored product that has over 2,700 customer 
reviews and customers rating the product a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Customers can visit the ER20EarPlug Amazon product page for more info.

What customers are saying:
·         These are much better than foam earplugs. everything's clear. First thing I did when I got them was test them out in a movie theater. Watched the whole movie with no problems.
·         I came down with Tinnitus a couple of years ago and needed something to knock the edge off any loud sound and the ER-20 plugs are perfect.
·         I bought the plugs specifically for an Iron Maiden concert I went to on Saturday 04/16/11 in Fort Lauderdale at the BankAtlantic Center (closed theatre - no sky) and I have to say they stood up to the test.

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