Sunday, July 24, 2016

Elevation Breathing Face Mask for Running Review

There's lots of technology around to improve your workouts so you can get in shape faster and better. A new tool that runners are using to push their limits is the Elevation Breathing Mask for Running. The purpose of the mask is to simulate training at high altitudes like in the mountains where the air is thinner.  The design of the mask causes a runner to work their lungs and diaphragm harder while utilizing less oxygen.  The end result after using the mask for a while is increased speed, endurance, and power.

Do The Elevation Training Mask Work?

Most customers that have purchased their own Elevation Mask 2.0 have experienced a big difference in their workouts.  According to reviews from customers at the product has a 4.4 out 5 star rating and many of the customers who commit to wearing the mask reported:

“after three weeks use I posted my fastest 3 mile run time that I can remember”
“just 3 days of use my wind, stamina, and endurance improved significantly”
“I definitely feel noticeably more worn out when I use it, and I find running a lot easier now since I’ve been using it”
“saw results in 2 weeks”
“improve your breathing”

Those are just some of the comments left by customers but if you still need convincing sort through the over 800 comments on that have been left so far.

The Elevation Oxygen Training Mask is designed to give you more intense workouts in a shorter period of time.  It challenges your everyday workout and within minutes of wearing the device you will notice you’re breathing harder and your workout is more intense.  Your lungs and diaphragm will become stronger as you workout thus increasing your overall fitness level.

What comes with Training Mask 2.0?

The mask comes with 6 Air Resistance Caps, 3 Base pieces with flux valve plungers, 1 Silicone Training Mask, 1 Neoprene Sleeve, brochures, fitness workout booklet, instructional booklet, and instructional DVD.  There are 3 sizes that are available for customers to choose from which are based on your weight (Adult Small:  100-149lbs, Adult Medium:  150-240lbs, and Adult Large:  250-300lbs.).

The price of the Elevation Mask 2.0 is $79.99 online and customers can visit to receive the best price offered on the internet.

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