Sunday, July 24, 2016

Aeronana Outdoors Inflatable Air Bag Couch Review

The Aeronana Outdoors Inflatable Lounger is a must have for your next beach outing.  Customers really like these inflatable loungers because they are so convenient and so easy to setup.  You can easily replace your chairs with these air beds and all of your friends will be real comfy sitting on them.  They only add to the fun and relaxation you experience at the beach or camping.

How does the Aeronana Inflatable Lounger Work?

The Aeronana Inflatable Air Bag is super easy to utilize.  Here are a few easy steps to consider when inflating the bag:

1. The first step is to take the bag out of its carrying case.
2. Unroll the bag at its opening
3. Hold the bag at its opened end and move the bag forward in a brisk motion to fill with air.
4. After each brisk motion close the bag after air is captured each time.
5. Continue step 3 until the bag is completely filled with air.
6. When the bag is filled with air roll the end of the bag/sleeve that you’re holding up to form a quick leak-tight seal.
7. Buckle the bag for a complete seal
8. Sit or lie on the bag.

To Deflate the Bag:

1. Put the bag on its side
2. Disconnect the securing buckle
3. Unroll the end of the bag/sleeve and allow air to escape
4. After completely deflated grab the non-opening end and roll up
5. After bag is completely rolled up buckle the ends and place bag in carrying case

The Aeronana Inflatable Lounger does not need an air pump to inflate it only requires you waving it in the air a few times to sufficiently supply it with air.  This process takes a few seconds and when you’ve completely secured the bag it should stay inflated for up to 6 hours.  It also comes in 3 colors blue, pink, and midnight blues.

Customers can visit to read customer reviews and purchase this inflatable air bag.  It is affordable and is priced under $30.

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