Wednesday, June 15, 2016 – Stephanie Miller SuperBeets Online Offer

Listeners of the Stephanie Miller Show can receive an exclusive online offer to receive a free canister of SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood supplement by visiting  In order to receive the free canister you will first need to purchase 2 canisters for the price of $79.90 OR you can receive 2 free canisters after first purchasing 4 canisters for a price of $149.90.

If you are only interested in trying out 1 canister of SuperBeets you can purchase 1 canister for $39.95 at their website or visit and receive the best pricing there.  The maker of SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood, Neogenis Labs, has the original SuperBeets product available at along with other healthy supplements.

stephanie miller superbeets offer

Does SuperBeets Work?

Neogenis Labs created SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood to be a quick and easy way for customers to receive all the benefits of consuming beets without the hassle of juicing and enduring the bad taste that beets are known for.  This product comes in a powdered form made of beetroot crystals that you mix with a glass of water or your favorite smoothie.  Many customers enjoy the taste of SuperBeets as well.

The sole purpose of SuperBeets through the use of crystallized beetroot is to increase your nitric oxide intake so your body can be kicked into overdrive giving you the boost of energy you are looking.  Nitric Oxide is known for increasing blood circulation throughout the body which has a number of positive effects on the body.

Some of the benefits of increased blood circulation are increased energy/stamina, lowering of blood pressure, dilate blood vessels, improved mental clarity, enhanced libido, and more.  Many athletes use SuperBeets as a pre-workout supplement before they begin their workout and it offers them more energy and stamina throughout their workout.

Take advantage of the exclusive offer to try SuperBeets for the free canisters or buy 1 canister for the best price at

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