Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Defender X Tactical Military Defense Pen Review

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Tactical Pens are hot items for the growing crowd of people that’s interested in self-defense and survival gear. The Defender X Tactical Pen is an inconspicuous writing pen that can literally save someone’s life if they need to defend themselves. It is a non-threatening writing utensil that can be carried in your pocket, purse, or jacket and easily pulled if necessary to help fend off an attack.

What is the Defender X Pen?

The Defender X Military Defense Pen is a tactical pen that can be a source of protection for anyone if provoked or can come in handy during basic survival skills. The pen is crafted from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum which means it’s made tough and durable. So you can easily grip the pen if needed for striking it is also made with a CNC cut striking grip for maximum control during tactical encounters.

If you need to break a window during an emergency such as a car window you can use the tip of the pen which is an ultra durable precision tip made specifically for breaking glass. The clip on the pen is unbreakable ensuring it can always be attached or clipped to your shirt or an object.

At the other end of the Defender X Tactical Pen is a super handy bright flashlight. The flashlight shines at 300 lumen which provides an ultra bright light which is always needed to see in the dark. The pen uses ink from a retractable premium ink cartridge that provides smooth writing and has the ability to write underwater.

Lastly the Defender X Tactical Pen is constructed in the USA which is more than enough to reason to purchase a pen. The pen is the same size as a traditional writing instrument weighing 1.63 ounces, 5.90” long, and 0.59” wide.

Because the pen has such special and unique qualities it’s an investment and has a price tag of $56 if you buy from their online site. There are equal quality tactical pens sold on Amazon.com that you can buy for less and you can read the reviews of customers who’ve already made purchases.

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