Sunday, May 22, 2016

Skyfit Sports On-Demand Running Classes Reviews

If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level
the Skyfit App with live or on-demand classes is definitely the way to go.  This app live streams running classes to your
smartphone.  The classes are available in
live or on-demand for runners with busy schedules.  Each class is led by a world class personal
trainer to help advance your level of training so you can receive the best
workout possible. 

How Does Skyfit Work?

Skyfit is a membership based workout program (currently offering
new monthly subscribers a 7 day free trial) for runners who are looking to get
more out of their workouts.  In a
nutshell, if you are a subscriber to Skyfit and have downloaded the app, the
next time you go for a run before you begin just click the app and join in a
live class that will be instructed by a world class trainer.  The trainer is there to push you so you can
reach your goals.  Each class has its own
music which has been handpicked by the trainers to keep you motivated every
step of the way.

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