Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sengled Pulse JBL Bluetooth Speaker System Review

Pulse by Sengled, the dimmable LED light with a JBL wireless
Bluetooth Speaker enclosed, will easily give you smart lighting and surround
sound in any room you have these bulbs installed.  The lighting and volume is seamlessly
controlled by your smartphone allowing you to dim/brighten the lights or turn
up/turn down the volume.  It’s a light
bulb and Bluetooth speaker all in one and your smartphone can control up to 8

Sengled Pulse LED Light and Bluetooth Speaker Highlights

Instead of having to go to each room and
manually turn off the light with the Sengled Pulse lightbulbs installed you
only need to pick up your smartphone to control the lighting in each room.

If you like mood music in your rooms then the
JBL speaker that is inside each Sengled Pulse bulb will allow you to play music
in each room and control the volume and music selection from your smartphone.

The bulb system comes with an app you can
download from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone or mobile devices
to make your lighting and music adjustments.

The bulbs come in 3 colors candy apple, matte
pewter, and pearl white

The entire system is wireless with no need for
wiring, works via Bluetooth from your Android or Apple devices

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