Monday, May 16, 2016

Neogenis Labs Neo40 Professional Lozenges Reviews

Neogenis Labs, popular for their beet superfood supplements,
has created another daily dietary beet supplement called Neo40 Professional
Lozenges or Tablets.  There are two forms
of the product that customers can select from, the lozenge or tablet.  Like their other products such as BeetElite,
Neo40 Professional aims to increase the output of nitric oxide in the body.  An increase of nitric oxide helps blood
circulation throughout the body which in turn promotes a healthier heart and
lowers blood pressure. 

For many people who are struggling with high blood pressure
Neo40 lozenges are an alternative solution for managing hypertension than taking
prescription drugs.  According to some
reviews on people have gotten the same results from this product as
with RX drugs.  Their blood pressure has
gone down and they’ve seen a spike in the following areas:  libido, diabetes, boost in your immune
system, faster healing, reduction in inflammation, etc.  

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