Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LuxHD450 Mobile Smartphone Camera Lens System Review

LuxHD450 Smartphone Camera Lens

Read the Reviews of Comparable 3-in-1 Smartphone Camera Kits

According to www.luxhd450.com the Lux HD450 is “the most powerful camera phone lens in the world.” The Lux HD450 lens kit is a set of 3 high performance mobile lenses that transform your smartphone into a digital camera. It promises the pictures you take with your smartphone while utilizing these lenses will produce crystal clear pictures resembling a high quality DSLR camera.

What is the Lux HD450?

The 3-in-1 Lux HD450 smartphone camera lens system is a set of 3 high powered camera lenses that attach to the front of your smartphone camera. The 3 camera lenses are the Fisheye (for taking gorgeous panoramas), the Wide Angle (for effortless Selfies/Videos), and a Macro Lens (for stunningly sharp close-ups). The Lux HD450 lenses can be attached to any smartphone whether Apple or Android by simply using a bracket to clip on a lens. The bracket is not so tight where it will potentially damage your phone. It fits snug enough so you can attach a lenses and it be secure. The process only takes a few seconds to do which is real simple when changing lenses.

Compare the Quality and Price of the Lux 450 with Other Brands!

Users also don’t have to worry about any other modifications to their phone to use the Lux HD450 3-in-1 lenses. There are also no mobile phone apps necessary to utilize the lenses. It’s as simple as attach and begin taking digital camera quality pictures and video that you can send to your social networking accounts or to Youtube.

Lux HD450 Camera Lenses Features

· Ultra Multi Coated lenses to enhance contrast in different types of lighting conditions

· Lenses fit into every smartphone, device, tablet, and gadget

· Lightweight

· Dustproof

· Waterproof

· Portable

· Durable

· Comes with microfiber cloths

· 12x zoom

Lux HD450 Pricing

New customers can purchase the Lux HD450 high performance camera lenses online and receive a 75% discount which will automatically be applied. There are options to purchase more than 1 kit for customers who are looking to use them as gifts, below is a price breakdown:

· 1 unit=$60

· 2 units=$130

· 3 units=$117

· 4 units=$189

· 5 units=$195

Sure the Lux HD450 mobile phone attachment kit are the new boys on the block in the world of smartphone camera lens kits but don’t overlook the other brands that were here first. There is plenty of great competition for the Lux 450 which are potentially better performing at a lower cost. As always check with Amazon.com for a catalog of great smartphone camera lens kits and have the opportunity to read the reviews left by many before you decide.

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