Wednesday, May 25, 2016

J5 V1 Pro Tactical 300 Lumen Flashlight Review

The brightest flashlight in the world is what they’re
calling the J5 V1 Pro Tactical 300 Lumen Mini Flashlight.  It is called the brightest and best priced
flashlight sold today.  We all need a
good flashlight that we can count on to light up a dark place and the J5
Tactical flashlight is small enough and portable for you to take it with you
everywhere you go.  It’s great for
carrying in your car, hiking, backpack, etc.

Special Characteristics of the J5 Tactical Flashlight

The J5 Tactical Flashlight is a 4 inch long mini flashlight
that weighs around 1.9 ounces.  It has a
super-charged LED300 lumen light beam that can sweep more than the length of 2
football fields on a clear night.  It
comes with 3 light intensity modes: high, medium, and the tactical strobe that
blinks while flashing. 

The flashlight is made tough and durable with cerated edges
for easy griping.  The mini flashlight is
virtually unbreakable with the way it’s designed.  To focus the flashlight just move the head of
the flashlight in and out or up and down.
The head moves very easily for you to get the right focus on your

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