Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Contigo Tranquil Water Bottle 20oz Walmart

Contigo water bottles are great on-the-go beverage
containers for busy people.  They are
easy to use, not messy, and stylish drinkware bottles that allow you to
transport your beverages everywhere you go. 
Each Contigo bottle is BPA-free and made of quality materials for safe
drinking.  By having your own personal
water bottle you’re helping the environment and reducing the consumption and
waste of plastic water bottles. 

Features of 20 oz. Contigo Tranquil Water Bottle

Comes in 3 colors (Greyed Jade, Blush, and
Opens 2 ways for easy cleaning and adding ice
Bottle has leak proof lid with attached straw
The outside of container is a non-slip silicone
Has convenient carrying loop

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