Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Heider CFX Super Power Torch 750 Meters Flashlight Review

Super Bright LED flashlights that light up the sky at night
is popular on the web nowadays.  There
are plenty of flashlight manufacturers but Heider, a tactical flashlight
manufacturer utilizing Metem Technology has a brilliant flashlight called the
Heider CFX Super Power 750 Meters Flashlight.
Just like its name says this flashlight is so bright it will shine up to
750 meters away. 

Heider CFX Super Power Flashlight Specifications

It operates on 3 different modes (low, normal,
and high)
In the lowest mode it provides continuous light
for up to 150 hours
Has 3 different hidden lighting modes (SOS,
Strobe, and LB) with the touch of a button
Focus on targets by zooming in by turning the
head up or down
Water resistant equipped with O-rings (water
resistant up to 5 meters)
Will provide light up to 100 hours on a single
Uses 1 lithium ion rechargeable battery which
comes with the flashlight
Utilizes Cree Next Generation High Power LED
Shock and impact resistant
Has an attached belt clip
5 inches long

Comes with a 2 year warranty

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