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TVScout Antenna

This TV Scout HDTV Antenna review will help cable TV provider customers realize they can get many of the TV channels they are paying for each month FREE.  If you’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars per month to your cable provider consider an HDTV antenna through TV Scout available at www.gettvscout.com.

Most consumers realize that our cable TV providers are not giving us our money’s worth when it comes to cable TV.  They’re overcharging us for hundreds of channels we’re not interested in and the only alternative is to “cut the cord” and get a digital antenna or rely on online streaming services.

Lots of people have already gone the route of ditching their cable TV provider and opting for the HDTV antenna.  From this TV Scout Antenna review you will see the benefits yourself and make your own decision.

TV Scout HDTV Antenna Review

The TV Scout is a digital TV antenna that works like the old style rabbit ears for your box TV but is upgraded to adapt to flat screen televisions.  It doesn’t look like rabbit ears but instead is a black thin square object that is 13”x 12” which can be mounted on your wall or window.  It is considered by some sites as the best HD antenna you can buy but honestly all of them work the same.

When connected to your TV you will receive instant access to live TV programs in your area in high def form.  You’ll be able to watch the local news, sports events, and many of your favorite shows.  Like most other digital indoor TV antenna’s the product has a range of 30 miles which will allow it to access channels from the nearest television tower.

A comparable HDTV antenna that is recommended is the 1byone HDTV Antenna available at Amazon.com.  It is their best selling HD antenna with over 13,000 customer reviews.  Customers have rated the product a 3.9 out of 5 stars AND it costs less than an individual TV Scout antennaClick for reviews!!

TV Scout HD Antenna Features

If you’re interested in comparing the TV Scout with other digital indoor TV antenna’s here is a basic TV Scout antenna review.

HD Television

The TV Scout antenna channels that you are able to pick up will be in 1080p high definition.  You will enjoy the same clarity as with your cable service when it comes to picture quality.  This definitely depends on your connection so you will need to adjust your antenna in your house or room for best performance.

Monthly Fees

There are no monthly fees associated with this product.  There is only a one-time charge to purchase an antenna and that’s all.  You can enjoy free TV for the life of the antenna.


No indoor antenna can guarantee you 30+ channels, it depends on multiple factors.  Some of the factors are your distance from a broadcast tower, terrain, your surroundings, etc.  It is similar to having cell phone coverage, some areas have 4G coverage and others have 3g coverage.  You will have to adjust your TV Scout antenna around to find the best spot in your room.

The good thing is it’s easy to install and setup.  It’s a plug and play setup that most anyone can do.  The antenna is also discreet and thin enough to be hidden behind a picture frame out of view.  You can connect it to your TV, receiver box, desktop, or laptop.

TV Scout Pricing

The TV Scout product is available from their order website and they currently have a deal that allows you to purchase 3 antenna’s at a 50% price reduction.  The price for all 3 is $83.59 and includes free shipping.  There are also prices for an individual antenna for $35.43, 2 for $62.13, 4 for $99.80, or 5 for $118.64. 

When you purchase the TV Scout you will receive the actual antenna, 3m cable, and coaxial euro adapter.  There is also a lifetime protection including replacement warranty for an additional $8.35.

A comparable HDTV antenna that is recommended is the 1byone HDTV Antenna available at Amazon.com.  It is their best selling HD antenna with over 13,000 customer reviews.  Customers have rated the product a 3.9 out of 5 stars AND it costs less than an individual TV Scout antenna.  Click for reviews!!

You have the option to purchase your TV Scout antenna online at www.gettvscout.com or continue paying those exorbitant cable TV bills.

Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight Review

If you’re looking to upgrade your current flashlights to the latest tactical flashlight read our Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight Review.

Seal Torch 2000 Military Flashlight

Being prepared is a must for everyone just in case you’re confronted with an emergency situation.  Encountering a crisis is inevitable for nearly everyone and when you do have to face one you need to have the right tools at your disposal. 

An important emergency preparedness tool that everyone needs is a flashlight, but more importantly a tactical flashlight.  It needs to be able to have a super bright light, have various lighting mode features, be durable for different types of climate, and can be used as a weapon if necessary.

Seal Torch 2000 Flashlight from Cade Courtley

A great flashlight consumers should consider is the Seal Torch 2000 Tactical Flashlight.  You may have seen an advertisement of this flashlight online or on the show Surviving Disaster on Spike TV with host Cade Courtley.  Courtley gives his own Seal Torch 2000 flashlight review and calls it “the brightest night observation and illumination device available for civilian use.”

He demonstrates how powerful the light beam is on the Seal Torch military flashlight by shining a typical flashlight into a dark room versus the Seal Torch.  The difference is astounding between the two flashlights with the Seal Torch nearly filling up the entire room.  According to Courtley the Seal Torch is more than 11 times brighter than the traditional flashlight.

Seal Torch 2000 Flashlight Specs

As mentioned earlier there are a number of features this flashlight has that you’ll find beneficial when you’re outdoors at night.

Super Bright Light

What gives the Seal Torch tactical flashlight it’s bright brilliant light is its Xml-T6 LED bulb.  The bulb shines at 700 lumen which is more than enough power for you to see anything in the dark regardless where you are.  It can come in handy when walking your dog or fixing a flat tire at night.

With the bright light there’s 4 settings to control the illumination.  There are also strobe features which are tactically designed to disorient any potential threat coming your way.  The strobing features also act as a hazard light during a car breakdown or some other crisis.

Telescoping Lens

Like most other flashlights the Seal Torch 2000 has a telescoping lens that allows you to shrink or widen the light beam depending on the size of your target.  This feature is critical as it will allow you to easily focus in on so you can see better or if you need to see more of the area it will expand out.

Nearly Indestructible

The Seal Torch 2000 tactical flashlight is made of light weight military grade metal which makes the flashlight nearly indestructible.  If you’ve seen an video advertisement of this flashlight you will notice that it was driven over by a car tire, hit with a hammer, submerged in water, and put in a blender.  After the beating it took, it still worked as normal.

The flashlight is also waterproof so if you accidentally drop it in the water or if it’s raining outside you don’t have to worry about the light not working.  It will function normally.

Muzzle Design

The muzzle of the flashlight is also crafted so it can be used as a weapon if necessary.  If you feel threatened then the flashlight can be thrown or used to injure someone.  The muzzle also is strong enough to break a car window if necessary.

Seal Torch 2000 Free

The biggest advertisement highlight concerning the Seal Torch 2000 military flashlight review is it’s FREE.  You only need to pay the shipping costs to receive the flashlight.  The costs are $9.95 for one flashlight and the more you purchase it increases such as $27 for 3 flashlights and $45 for 5 flashlights.  It also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Seal Torch 2000 on Amazon

The Seal Torch is not available for sell on Amazon but there are some nice deals that are comparable, for instance the Hausbell 7W Tactical Flashlight is very popularYou can get 2 flashlights together for cheaper than 1 Seal torch.  It has over 2,000 reviews and 67% of customers gave it 5 stars.  Click for Hausbell reviews!!

Seeing is everything during an emergency and can make the difference between life and death.  Consider the details written in this Seal Torch 2000 flashlight review and get your family a set of tactical flashlights.

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Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review

In this Army Gear 500 Lumen Flashlight review you will learn in detail about this trending tactical flashlight that people are searching for online.

Army Gear Camo Military Flashlight

Military items that are made available to the public always draw a lot of interest for the average consumer.  We know the military has access to exclusive items that are specifically designed for them which are not sold in stores.  This is one of the reasons why the tactical flashlight has been so popular with customers.

A tactical flashlight that has recently been released to the public is the Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight.  It is advertised as “the same LED flashlight used by the Army Rangers and the Marine Corp.”  One of the flashlights most distinguishing features is the camo outer cover that gives it a militaristic appeal.  Consumers love the idea of having a product that was only available to elite servicemen and is now made available to them for purchase.

The Army Gear is very similar to Amazon’s Best Selling camo tactical flashlight, the J5 Tactical V1-Pro FlashlightAmazon offers 5 different color designs to choose from and 2 of the designs are a camo versionThe J5 is also cheaper than the Army Gear flashlight and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can receive it in 2 days shippingClick to review the J5!!

>>>>>>Click to Compare with Amazon's Top Selling Camo Flashlight<<<<<<

Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review

Last year the tactical flashlight was extremely popular with online viewers and continues to be popular in 2017.  These flashlights are more powerful, brighter, more compact, and provide extra features that the typical flashlight does not offer.  The Army Gear 500 Lumen flashlight is very similar to all the others in its specs but has the camo effect which makes it much more interesting.

Army Gear 500 Lumen Flashlight - Powerful Bright Light

The Army Gear Z9 Military flashlight has installed a powerful 500 Lumen LED light bulb that is rated for up to 100,000 hours of use.  Depending on your flashlight needs this usage should last a long time.  It is powered by a rechargeable battery that comes with the flashlight including a charger which you can use to continuously recharge the battery over and over again.

With the super bright 500 lumen LED lighting capability the flashlight will cut through the darkness and depending on where you’re located the powerful beam can be seen for miles.  It provides more than enough lighting power for using around the house, on camping trips, or for carrying in your car for emergency use.


Tactical flashlights are known for their bright light and rugged built design.  They can withstand falls and still function normally.  The Army Gear Z9 Camo flashlight is very similar with its design.  It is made of ultra-hardened aircraft grade aluminum which in the advertiser’s words makes the flashlight indestructible.

Of course with an aluminum frame this flashlight is very light to hold.  You get the best of both worlds, a light flashlight that is very rugged.  If you drop it from a tree, run over it with a tire, or step on it the flashlight will not be destroyed.  It will still be usable and function properly.

Camo Cover

The camo cover design of the Army Gear Camo Military flashlight is definitely aesthetically pleasing but is designed with the camo print to make it easy to hide.  Depending on your surroundings the flashlight can blend in with your environment in case it needs to be hidden.


The bezel of the flashlight turns/pushes up or down so you can zoom in on your target.  The adjustable lens allows users to focus the light on a specific target or wide angle dispersal.  The Army Gear flashlight is small enough to operate the zoom lens in the same hand that’s holding the flashlight.

There are also 5 lighting modes which are controlled by the push of a button on the back of the Army Gear tactical flashlight.  You can scroll through each setting by pushing the button and it includes a strong, soft, or SOS lighting feature designed to disorient anyone that may be a threat to you.  Just shine the light into their eyes and it will temporarily blind them which is a good distraction for you.

Army Gear Z9 Camo Flashlight Pricing

The online price for an Army Gear Z9 flashlight is $19.99.  It comes with the flashlight, padded carrying case, rechargeable battery, and charger.  One thing to consider when ordering this flashlight is it can take up to 2 weeks for shipping depending on where you live.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you don’t have to wait 2 weeks but can consider an alternative flashlight that is similar to the Army Gear Z9.  It’s the J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight that is a very popular seller on Amazon.  Click to Read Customer Reviews!!!

This flashlight has over 12,000 customer reviews and customers have rated it a 4.6 out of 5 stars.  74% of customers gave the flashlight a 5 stars.  It has the camo cover and is also a little cheaper than the Army Gear 500 Lumen flashlight too.

www.gettvscout.com – TV Scout HD Antenna

TVScout Antenna This TV Scout HDTV Antenna review will help cable TV provider customers realize they can get many of the TV channels they...