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Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review

In this Army Gear 500 Lumen Flashlight review you will learn in detail about this trending tactical flashlight that people are searching for online.

Army Gear Camo Military Flashlight

Military items that are made available to the public always draw a lot of interest for the average consumer.  We know the military has access to exclusive items that are specifically designed for them which are not sold in stores.  This is one of the reasons why the tactical flashlight has been so popular with customers.

A tactical flashlight that has recently been released to the public is the Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight.  It is advertised as “the same LED flashlight used by the Army Rangers and the Marine Corp.”  One of the flashlights most distinguishing features is the camo outer cover that gives it a militaristic appeal.  Consumers love the idea of having a product that was only available to elite servicemen and is now made available to them for purchase.

The Army Gear is very similar to Amazon’s Best Selling camo tactical flashlight, the J5 Tactical V1-Pro FlashlightAmazon offers 5 different color designs to choose from and 2 of the designs are a camo versionThe J5 is also cheaper than the Army Gear flashlight and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can receive it in 2 days shippingClick to review the J5!!

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Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review

Last year the tactical flashlight was extremely popular with online viewers and continues to be popular in 2017.  These flashlights are more powerful, brighter, more compact, and provide extra features that the typical flashlight does not offer.  The Army Gear 500 Lumen flashlight is very similar to all the others in its specs but has the camo effect which makes it much more interesting.

Army Gear 500 Lumen Flashlight - Powerful Bright Light

The Army Gear Z9 Military flashlight has installed a powerful 500 Lumen LED light bulb that is rated for up to 100,000 hours of use.  Depending on your flashlight needs this usage should last a long time.  It is powered by a rechargeable battery that comes with the flashlight including a charger which you can use to continuously recharge the battery over and over again.

With the super bright 500 lumen LED lighting capability the flashlight will cut through the darkness and depending on where you’re located the powerful beam can be seen for miles.  It provides more than enough lighting power for using around the house, on camping trips, or for carrying in your car for emergency use.


Tactical flashlights are known for their bright light and rugged built design.  They can withstand falls and still function normally.  The Army Gear Z9 Camo flashlight is very similar with its design.  It is made of ultra-hardened aircraft grade aluminum which in the advertiser’s words makes the flashlight indestructible.

Of course with an aluminum frame this flashlight is very light to hold.  You get the best of both worlds, a light flashlight that is very rugged.  If you drop it from a tree, run over it with a tire, or step on it the flashlight will not be destroyed.  It will still be usable and function properly.

Camo Cover

The camo cover design of the Army Gear Camo Military flashlight is definitely aesthetically pleasing but is designed with the camo print to make it easy to hide.  Depending on your surroundings the flashlight can blend in with your environment in case it needs to be hidden.


The bezel of the flashlight turns/pushes up or down so you can zoom in on your target.  The adjustable lens allows users to focus the light on a specific target or wide angle dispersal.  The Army Gear flashlight is small enough to operate the zoom lens in the same hand that’s holding the flashlight.

There are also 5 lighting modes which are controlled by the push of a button on the back of the Army Gear tactical flashlight.  You can scroll through each setting by pushing the button and it includes a strong, soft, or SOS lighting feature designed to disorient anyone that may be a threat to you.  Just shine the light into their eyes and it will temporarily blind them which is a good distraction for you.

Army Gear Z9 Camo Flashlight Pricing

The online price for an Army Gear Z9 flashlight is $19.99.  It comes with the flashlight, padded carrying case, rechargeable battery, and charger.  One thing to consider when ordering this flashlight is it can take up to 2 weeks for shipping depending on where you live.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you don’t have to wait 2 weeks but can consider an alternative flashlight that is similar to the Army Gear Z9.  It’s the J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight that is a very popular seller on Amazon.  Click to Read Customer Reviews!!!

This flashlight has over 12,000 customer reviews and customers have rated it a 4.6 out of 5 stars.  74% of customers gave the flashlight a 5 stars.  It has the camo cover and is also a little cheaper than the Army Gear 500 Lumen flashlight too.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nano Banshee Alarm Reviews - EDC Personal Alarm

This Nano Banshee Alarm reviews will help consumers understand how they can feel safer and protected by having one of these devices attached to them when they leave their home.

Nano Banshee Keychain Alarm

Everybody is concerned about staying safe when they leave their homes and any device that will deter criminals or intruders trying to do you personal harm is something worth considering.  We hear about personal assaults every day on the news and there needs to be a product that will specifically counter these assaults that will make us feel safer as we’re out and about.
A new device that is going viral on the internet designed for personal security is the Nano Banshee Keychain Alarm.  It is called “the world’s most powerful keychain alarm” because it emits a loud ear piercing alarm if you feel you’re been harassed by an intruder.
nano banshee alarm reviews

Nano Banshee Keychain Reviews

The Banshee Screamer Alarm is small and compact that attaches easily to your handbag, pants loop, computer bag, etc.  It was originally designed for women to interrupt being attacked by an intruder.  As you feel threatened you simply pull the Banshee Keychain and it emits a loud noise that draws the attention of anyone around you and ultimately causes the intruder to flee.
The Banshee Siren is a military inspired device patterned after a military device called an LRAD that is used for crowd control.  The product can be heard over 500 feet away emitting a focused sound measured at 130 decibels that will get the attention of anyone near you.  It’s a simple call for help and hopefully there are some good Samaritans in your vicinity that will come to your rescue or at the least the sound will cause the intruder to flee from you.
To give you an idea of how loud the Nano Banshee Screamer is when activated it’s louder than a car horn, ambulance siren, and according to their website a jet engine.  That’s loud and should easily make an immediate difference in the event you need to use it.
Not only is the Banshee a great every day carry item to thwart attackers but it is effective at preventing animal attacks.  If you enjoy walking or hiking through the woods in the event a stray dog or other type of animal approaches you, this device when activated is sensitive to animals and will cause them to flee.  If you get lost in the woods, you can activate the Banshee and hopefully someone will hear the siren.

Nano Banshee Alarm Features

Keychain:  The Banshee is a compact device with a keychain that is used to activate the alarm by pulling it.  You can attach the alarm to anything including clothing items that will allow it to hang and loop around.
Decibels:  It sounds at 130 decibels utilizing an acoustic design that amplifies the sound.
Lights:  There is a powerful LED light on the device that attracts attention and can also be used as a mini flashlight if you need light getting into your car at night.
Power:  With the push of a button the device will turn On/Off
Who is it for:  The Nano Banshee Keychain can be given as a gift to anyone that finds themselves traveling alone at times.  It is helpful for senior citizens, kids, wives, daughters, college students, etc.

Nano Banshee Keychain Price

The cost of purchasing a Banshee Siren is $19.99/each from their online website.  Their website is located at  At the site you can buy as many as you’d like and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
This product isn’t the only keychain personal alarm on the market.  There are other alternatives that are comparable and cheaper such as the Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm.  On the Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm is the #1 Best Selling Signal Whistles.  It has nearly 600 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Click to read Amazon reviews!
The Nano Banshee Alarm is the latest gadget that consumers should consider purchasing especially for your kids as a way to protect themselves in the event of danger.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses Review

This Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses review will go into detail if these sunglasses are worth the hype they're receiving online.

Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses

If you've been online anytime during the past year or if you've watched some of the popular infomercials on television you've definitely seen an increase in "tactical" gear being marketed to customers. There has been tactical flashlights, lamps, lanterns, pens, etc. Well, the latest tactical gear that is available to customers is tactical sunglasses such as the Apache 400 Tactical Sunglasses.
These sunglasses are identified as tactical because they're military inspired for their durability and their ability to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and sun glare. The Apache 400 Sunglasses aren't cheap sunglasses either, you'll spend $79.99 for one pair and if you want more there is a discount the more you buy.
If you're into comparing products before you buy consider one of the best selling polarized sunglasses on, the Duco Men's Sports Style Driver Glasses. These glasses have an unbreakable frame and have many of the same features as the Apache 400. They are also less than half the price of the Apache 400's. You can buy from Amazon here.

Apache 400 Military Sunglasses Review

Like mentioned earlier these sunglasses are military inspired sunglasses and are recognized by the website that sells them as "the last pair of sunglasses you'll ever need." You may be asking why but if you've seen a picture of them you can't deny they're stylish glasses that you probably won't get tired of wearing.

Style and Comfort

Many sunglasses are designed for style while others are designed for their performance, with the Apache 400 sunglasses you can get the best of both worlds. You can tell they're made lightweight with the lenses easily wrapping around your eyes. The lenses have an orange tint or new tech polarized lenses that is very popular with many glare resistant sunglasses.

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Used by Military and Service Professionals

These glasses are sought after by many of our servicemen including military personnel, police officers, firemen, and those who enjoy the outdoors. They were designed for the military to be the most glare resistant sunglasses on the market.
These professions spend a lot of time outdoors and require sunglasses that are durable and the lens won't get damaged easily. With the Apache 400 glasses they can enjoy shatter and scratch proof glasses that will last them for years to come. Not only are these glasses scratch proof but they're also glare-resistant protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.


According to their website the Apache 400's are 10 times more durable and glare-resistant than your average pair of sunglasses you can purchase on the shelf. This is obvious because if our servicemen prefer these glasses over others then you know one of the benefits of these glasses is they have to be made tough.
Most tactical products are advertised as products that were only available to the military but due to a surplus they're now being made available to the public. The Apache 400 sunglasses sort of falls into this category because customers know if the military uses them then they must be a good product.

Order Apache 400 Sunglasses

If you've interested in purchasing the Apace 400 Military Sunglasses you can visit their order website at At the site you can buy one or more than one. Here is a list of their pricing:
1 pair $79.99
2 pairs $99.99
3 pairs $129.99
4 pairs $159.99
5 pairs $199.99
6 pairs $239.99
Each order comes with the glasses, 1 Micro Fiber wipe, and 1 mesh case. You can see by the pricing list that the more you buy the cheaper the glasses get per unit.

Alternative Sunglasses on Amazon

If the price of these sunglasses is too high for you there are alternatives. One of the best selling polarized sunglasses on is the Duco Men's Sports Style Driver Glasses. These glasses have an unbreakable frame and have over 1,600 customer reviews on Amazon. Customers have given the product a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with over 70% of customers rating the sunglasses 5 star. The best thing about these glasses is they're less than half cost of the Apache 400 tactical sunglasses, buy from Amazon here.

Army Gear Z9 Tactical Military Flashlight Review

In this Army Gear 500 Lumen Flashlight review you will learn in detail about this trending tactical flashlight that people are searching fo...